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August 8, 2013
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Twilight Sparkle looked at her pony humanized doubles for the final time and smiled and waved to them goodbye, she turned back and walked up to the portal along with Spike, Twilight took a deep breath in and was about to go through the portal "Twilight!" she stopped as she heard a familiar voice calling her, she turned her head around and saw a familiar boy with light orange skin running up to her.

"Flash?" Twilight stared at the boy at her side "You left before I got the chance to say goodbye" Flash smiled at the pony girl "Oh, yeah I'm sorry I didn't realize..." Twilight looked away, so that he couldn't see her cheeks turned red, and began to stroke her hair, they both stayed silent for a moment, until Flash broke the silence "You know, you could always stay here" Twilight was surprised, she really wanted to but her real home was back in Equestria, so were her pony friends, Princess Celestia, her family, and she had a kingdom to rule.

These questions swirled around in Twilight's head, trying to decide what she wants, she turned back to Flash but gave him a sad smile "I wish I could stay, but my home is in my world," she replied to him and took his hand in her hands "And if I stay, the portal would close and I'll have to wait for thirty months until it opens again" they both looked into eachother's sad eyes.

Both Twilight and Flash noticed her humanized friends were still standing there "Oh, please carry on, don't mind us" Rarity chuckled and began to shift away, along with Applejack "We'll be just going over there" Fluttershy began to follow Applejack, and Rainbow Dash followed her, the only one who stayed was Pinkie Pie and she stood there smiling "You're coming with us" Rainbow Dash walked back and began to pull Pinkie "But I wanna see if they're going to a a long distance couple" Pinkie whined that she couldn't stay and watch.

Twilight knew there was still one person here watching them and looked down, Spike looked up at the two and began to cough "Don't mind me, I'll be just waiting for you over there" Spike began to walk away, so that the two can have some privacy.

Both Twilight and Flash were finally alone so that now they can talk "I'm really sorry I couldn't stay, but I have to go back" Twilight said to him, trying not to hurt his feelings "I understand, you are a princess in that world, right?" flash replied, Twilight nodded her head and stared down at her feet, feeling both sad and guilty.

She felt his hand under her chin and made her to look at him, Twilight saw him smiling at her "Listen for the pass few days, I got to know you, and started to fall for this new sweet girl that always sticks up to her friends" Twilight smiled through every word Flash spoke "And even if you are a pony, or a pony princess," Flash smiled down at her "You're still the same girl I fell for" he finished and stared down into her sparkling purple eyes.

Twilight stared at the boy, she was so touch of what he said to her "Flash..." was the one word Twilight said and stared into his blue eyes

Twilight: I will always be with you,
Makes no difference where your road takes you to,
Even if we're apart,
Now we're joined at the heart,
Though our moment may be gone,
You and I will still live on

Flash: I will always be with you,
I'll be by your side whatever you do,
Other memories may fade,
But the ones that we made,
Are eternal as a star,
Now I'm part of who you are

Both: And I'll be there with you in the sound of your laughter,
I'll be in the tears you cry

Flash: 'Cause the way you and I,
Have touched one another

Both: Doesn't end with goodbye

As they both stared into eachother's eyes, they began to remember there's times they had with eachother, like the day when Twilight first got here, the time at the cafe where Twilight spilled her drink at Flash and was they grabbed the mug their hands touched, and the time back at Vice-Principal Luna's office where Flash proved Twilight was innocent that she didn't destroy the fall formal decorations and that Flash asked her to the fall formal, they even remembered their time they had at the formal.

From all their times they had, both Twilight and Flash will always remember their times and memories with eachother

Flash: I will always be with you

Both: Like a guardian angel,
Constant and true

Twilight: When you're lost in the night,
And you can't see the light

Both: My love will see you through

Flash: I will always be there

Twilight: You have me there

Both: I will always be

They still stared into eachother's eyes for a little while, Flash held his arms around her back, and Twilight held her arms around his shoulders, they both smiled and they finally locked lips with eachother.

The girls stared at them with aw, while Pinkie was going to celebrate, but Applejack and Rainbow Dash grabbed her before she could cheer and jump around, they both shushed her and they turned back to watch both Twilight and Flash.

Spike was also watching the two kiss, it was a bit gross for him, but he was happy that Twilight was happy, after all he was part of her family.

But Spike turned back to the portal and back at the two, he walked up to Twilight and tapped on her leg with his paw "Twilight, it's time to go" he felt really sad that Twilight was leaving the boy she really liked, he walked to the portal and waited for her, giving her another minute to say goodbye.

Twilight looked back at Flash and gave him a smile and finally walked up to the portal with Spike, as she walked up, Flash held her hand and felt her hand slipping through his.

Both Spike and Twilight looked at the portal, but Twilight turned back to Flash and smiled at him for the last time "I will always be with you" she told him and Flash smiled back "...I love you" she whispered to him and finally went through the portal and Spike followed her.

Flash stood there and watched the portal disappearing, he then turned to look up at the sky and saw a shining and sparkling star that reminded him of her "I love you too" he whispered to himself and stared up at the star.

The girls walked over to Flash, Fluttershy place her hand on Flash's shoulder and gave him a smile, they all looked up at the sky, and they began to think of Twilight and for the past few days she was here, she changed their lives and Canterlot high.
I have to admit i've seen Equestria girls, and it was an amazing movie, heck i have to admit, as Rainbow Dash would put it, it was awesome! And I have to admit that i'm really fond of this couple, Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry. So i've decided to make a song fanfic for the two.

In this, this is basically what i see the ending in my eyes.

Heck I wouldn't be surprised if someone made a cute video up on youtue with this song and couple, but say if someone did, than I would greatful to see it.

This is near the end where Twilight and Spike steps back into the portal to go home, but before they could, what if there was one person Twilight forgot to say goodbye to......And even though they are in different dimensions, these two will always be with eachother no matter what.

If some of you recognize this song, this song is from All Dogs Go To Heaven 2, so this song doesn't belong to me.

And these characters DO NOT belong to me, they belong to the creator of the movie or the show.

So all you brony fans out there, enjoy and please no rude comments.
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