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HHaW Moulin Rouge
part 1

(We go to an elephant on a roof singing)"There a boy, a very strange enchanted boy, they say he wandered very far, very far, over land and sea, a little shy, and sad of eye, but very wise was he, and then one day, a magic day he passed my way, and while we spoke of many things, fools and kings, this he said to me, (we go to a man, with a brown Mohawk hair, and his fur was a brown with a blue sleeveless vest (i mean after all if you were a who you would only have fur for clothing)and his name which probably you all know or you don't his name is Ned, and he went to his type writer and typed in...) the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return"

Ned:(having flashbacks while writing and narrating the story) "The Moulin Rouge, a nightclub, a dance hall and a bordello, ruled over by Harold Zidler(we see in the flashback small green who which you probably known as one of the chairman but we'll see him later), a kingdom of nighttime pleasures, where the rich and powerful came to play with the young and beautiful creatures of the underworld, the most beautiful of all these was the woman i loved, (we see a beautiful female who with red hair,orange fur and yellow stripes,and beautiful brown eyes) Sally, a courtesan, she sold her love to men, they called her "the sparkling diamond", and she was the star, of the Moulin Rouge."

(Ned stops writing and gave a little pause of silence and quiet sobs)

Ned:"The woman i loved is...(he turn his head out of his window and saw the Moulin Rouge with no lights and the windmill had stop and said in a quiet voice)dead, (he turn his head back to his type writer and typed) i first came to Whoris (Paris) one year ago"

(Now we go back one year ago and we see Ned came off on a train that was in Whodon (London) that taked him to Whoris, now we see him all clean up and amazed at the sight seeing while he went to his new home, an apartment)

Ned:"It was 1899, the summer of love, i knew nothing of the Moulin Rouge, Harold Zidler, or Sally, the world have been swept up in whohemian (bohemian) revolution with whos and animals, (animals of the jungle of Nool) and i have traveled from Whodon to be a part of it, on the hill near Whoris was the village of Montmartre, it was not like my father had said--"

Ned's Father:"A village of sin!"

Ned:"But the center of the whohemian world, musicians, painters, writers, they were known as "the children of the revolution", yes, i have come to live a penniless existence, i had come to write about beauty, truth, freedom and that which i believed in above all things love."

Ned's Father:"Always this ridiculous obsession with love."

Ned:"But there was only one problem-- i'd never been in love, luckily right at that moment an unconscious vulture fell through my roof." (a vulture named Vlad fell through Ned's roof with a load crash and a shout)

Vlad:(in an unconscious voice)"Sorry bro."

Ned:"He was quickly joined by a elephant dressed as an nun."(if you seen the movie or the trailer he uses his ears to make hats out of them)

Horton:(the door slams open)"How do you do, my name is Henri Marie Raymond Horton Toulouse-Lautrec Monfa but you can call me Horton for shout."


Horton:"I'm terribly sorry about all this, we were just upstairs rehearsing a play."

Ned:"What?(back to narrating)'a play' something very modern called "Spectacular Spectacular"."

Horton:"Yes and it's set in Whoitzerland (Switzerland)."

Ned:"Unfortunately, the unconscious vulture suffered from a sickness called narcolerepsy."

Horton:"Perfectly fine for one moment, then suddenly--(snores)unconscious the next."

(Suddenly two whos a tall man that almost looked like a woman (i think) and a small boy with gray and black stripes and a small blue mouse pocks their heads through the hole)

Audrey:"How is he? Well wonderful now the narcolerptic vulture is now unconscious therefore, the scenario will not be finished in time to present to the financier tomorrow."

Jojo:"He's right, Horton, i still have to finish the music."

Horton:"Find someone to read the part."

Audrey:"Now where in heaven's name are we going to find someone to read the role of a young sensitive Whoiss (Swiss)/poet goatherder?"

Ned:"Before i knew it, i was upstairs, standing in for the unconscious vulture."

(Upstairs things went well a little hectic a bit, okay make it more hectic)

Horton(singing)"The hills animate with euphonious symphonies of descant Ha, ha, ha-ha-ha."

Audrey:"Stop stop stop stop, Jojo stop that insufferable droning, it's droning out my words, can we please just stick to a little decorative piano?"

Jojo:"Sorry Audrey, but i'm doing the best i can."

Horton:"Hey Audrey, lay off the poor kid, his in alot trouble ever since what happen to his family."

(when Ned heard their conversation and saw Jojo put his head down in sadness for a sec, he knew that Jojo was an orphan)

Ned:"There seemed to be artistic differences over Audrey's lyrics to Jojo's songs."

Morton:"I don't think a nun would say that about a hill."

Jojo:"What if he sings "The hills are vital, intoning the descant"?"

Horton:"No no the hills quake and shake."

Morton:"No no no no no, the hills--"

Vlad:"The hills are incarnate with symphonic melodies!"

(everyone looks at him then he went back to be unconscious)


Ned:"No, the hills--"

Horton:"The hills--"

Ned:"The hills--"

Morton:"Are chanting the eternal mantra."

Ned:"The hills are a--"

(Horton,Morton,Jojo jabbering about the lyrics)

Ned:"The hills are a--"

(everyone still jabbering, Ned Burst out into the song with a different lyrics)

Ned(singing):"The hills are alive, with the sound of music."

(everyone stops and held a silent pause, until Vlad woke up from his unconscious again when he heard Ned sing)

Vlad:"Whoa! "The hills are alive with the sound of music" i love it."

Jojo:"Come on lets try it out."

(Horton, Morton, Jojo starts to sing to make sure that the lyrics would sound perfect in the song)

Morton(singing):"The hills are alive..."

Horton(singing):"With the sound..."

Jojo(singing):"Of music."

(Audrey being surprised)

Jojo:"It fits perfectly, can you try to sing some more mister?"

Ned(singing):"With songs that were sung, for a thousand years."

(Horton, Morton, and Vlad still surprised and shocked)

Horton:"Incandiferous!, Audrey you two should write the show together."

Audrey:"I beg your pardon?"

Ned:"But Horton's suggestion that Audrey and i write the show together, was not what Audrey wanted to hear."


(the door slams)

To Be Continued...



Yep the countdown is over! It's finally my birthday!! birthday cake Free Birthday Icon Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Birthday cake  icon Birthday cake  icon Birthday cake  icon Sini Birthday Sini Birthday Sini Birthday 

So anyways I hope to receive all your blessings and thanks.
Well the birthday countdown is still going. And only 3 days left! 3 Days!
Well everyone soon it will be my birthday. And it's only 6 days away! That is way I'm doing a countdown, I was meaning to start yesterday, but I totally forgot, so now I just put it up. 

Anyways I hope you all see the countdown, and hope you send your regards to me soon. I hope some of my viewers are doing something for my birthday, I may sound like I am sending requests but that is up to you all. You all my want to send fanfic pictures to my or one shot fanfic stories, all those I don't mind just as long it's up to you if you all want. Plus I don't mind if people send me comments, or llamas or present icons. Just as long as I have viewers that know my birthday is all.

Thank you all for watching and let the countdown begin!
It was an average day in Toontown, where there lived all the Toons, however it wasn't like any normal day, the weather was acting very strange, it was snowing in summer, now they did say that they were expecting unusual weather, not only that but they also reported that there would be a snow storm heading for Toontown, but still for the past week snow kept falling down.

But aside from the weather acting unusually, toady a party was being held around a house on Mean Street, many people gathered for the party, as they all took shelter from the cold and snow blowing outside.

In the house the party was being hosted by a family of Whos, the McDodds, now the McDodds had just moved in about a week ago right before the unusual snow weather hit Toontown, but no matter the weird weather, luckly they managed to throw a party to meet their new neighbors and friends.

During the party, it seemed like the McDodd family was hitting it off with their new neighbors, Ned and Sally were getting along with the grownups and parents, Sally was in the kitchen with the housewives and mothers as they were preparing the meals, and Ned was with the other husbands and fathers in the living room, chatting to one another, Ned was making sure he didn't act like a fool in front of them, even if they did, they would just get a good and playful laugh.

Ned and Sally weren't the only ones getting along with new people, their children seemed to be opening up to meet new friends, even their son Jojo was getting along with a few kids his age, turned out he was just chatting to a boy named Hiro Hamada and they hit it off and became friends instantly, and all their 96 daughters were able to make friends with the girls their ages in a second since the party started.

Well all 95 daughters, except for one and that was Tallylu, she was enjoying the party in her own way but she seemed to kept a distance from other people, even if someone went up to her and wanting to have a chat Tallylu would give them a small smile and politely nodded a 'No thank.'

It might be for a fact that she was a bit shy when meeting these new people in her new home, but she didn't mind, she just kept her time by simply helping her mother in the kitchen preparing the food, and she would often go out and place the meals on the table with the rest of the party food and head straight back into the kitchen.

As she was helping, Tallylu turned to her dog Scrump and noticed he was laying down near his bowl, Tallylu grabbed his bowl and filled it with dog chow, Scrump perked up, wagged his tail and watched his master serving him his meal, as he was about to eat, Tallylu gave him a smile, patted his head and gave his food to him, which he gladly accepted and ate.

Every few minutes, once or twice, Tallylu would take a few glaces out of the kitchen, she would watch as her sisters were chatting with the neighborhood girls, it made her start to think about herself more for how for her it was hard for her to make some new friends, maybe it was due to the fact she was shy and new to the new neighborhood, and that she was scared they wouldn't like her, Tallylu knew she was the odd one, or different one, from the rest of her sisters, but Tallylu knew one day she'll be able to make new friends, it'll just take time for her.

A few hours later, everyone had gathered around and were enjoying the nice meals that their wives and mothers made, enjoying the pot roast on the table, as everyone continued to chat with eachother and enjoy eachother's company, they turned on the radio and heard that the snow was getting worse, but they didn't mind, just as along as they enjoyed the rest of the party.

Ned and Sally stood by the fireplace, looking around and stared at the party and their guests "Some party" Ned said and turned to his wife "We dd a fine job" he smiled and took her hand "I'm surprised Jojo was able to make a friend so quickly" Ned and Sally turned to see their son talking to Hiro "The girls seem quite fond of their new friends as well" Sally smiled back at her husband and both stared at their daughters, but Sally's smile soon dropped "But Tallylu..." she began and stared at the kitchen door.

Ned stared at the door then back to his wife "Give her time" was all Ned could tell her, which he then gave her a peck on the cheek, Sally smiled and made her way to the kitchen.

Meanwhile in the kitchen Tallylu bent down and was playing with Scrump, scratching his floppy ears and gently tapped his nose, that was until she heard someone come in "You know, when you asked to help around the kitchen, I thought I was getting an extra hand and getting everything done and ready" Sally joked as she walked by "Sorry Mom" Tallylu smiled before standing up and walking over to her.

"How are you doing? Is the party going okay for you?" Sally asked, wanting to make sure her daughter was doing okay "It's okay" was all Tallylu could reply "I noticed you're having trouble introducing yourself to our guests" Sally said as she brought out some desserts from the fridge "I just haven't gotten myself the time, and I didn't want to disturb them" Tallylu answered and got out stacks of paper plates.

All Sally could do is sigh and smile a little "Tallylu you just gotta take a risk, they might like you when you get to know them" Sally told her as she began to cut a cake in pieces "I'm just fine right now Mom" Tallylu told her with a small smile "Well you know school will start soon, have you looked into it?" Sally asked her as she placed the knife down on the table "It looks nice, but it isn't like my old one" Tallylu sadly replied "Give it time Tallylu, I know for sure you'll like it, maybe you might enjoy it and make new friends around your age" Sally told her, Tallylu just turned to her and gave a small smile, she knew that her mother was just trying to help her.

"I'm fine with making friends on my own Mom" Tallylu said as she got out the plastic forks "I just want you to be happy, your brother and sisters were able to make new friends, it's time that you got out of your shell" Sally told her as she took a handful of plastic forks "We've moved here in Mean Street for a week now and you've-" "Never left the house to look around at the neighborhood" both Sally and Tallylu said in unison as they placed the forks down and got out the napkins "Well you haven't" Sally added and placed the napkins beside the forks "Tallylu I'm sorry for pressuring you, I must really sound like a nagging mother already" Sally chuckled a bit at her joke.

Tallylu just stood there and leaned on the counter "I still don't see why we moved here" she crossed her arms "Your father told you he wanted to start a new for all of us, that's why we moved here" Sally reminded her what Ned told them before they moved, Sally then took a look at the trashbin and see the garbage overflowing, she then began to tie the garbage bag up, Tallylu saw her mother doing it and walked over to her "Come on Mom, I got it, why don't you go out and enjoy the party" Tallylu told her as she tied the garbage bag for her.

Sally smiled and brought her hands up to place them to the sides of her daughter's face, making Tallylu stare at her "Listen, I know it's hard and it isn't easy for you to get out there Tallylu, but you know you've always got me, your father, your brother and sisters for you" Sally began to tell her, Tallylu looking at her, listening to her mother "But the only way you can stand up to your fears, is by facing them and taking a chance" Tallylu continued to listen "Now I want you to try and make some new friends, it's time you start a new chapter in your life" Sally finished her talk and gave her daughter a hug.

Sally let go of her and walked over to the door "If you are ready you can join the party with us, okay" Sally turned back and told her before she left, Tallylu just looked at her, smiled and nodded, saying she understood, Sally returned the smile and gave her one of her smiles, and left to join the party.

Tallylu sighed, she then turned to the garbage and began to think of the talk her mother told her, but she then went back to helping out in the kitchen.

Not realizing it, Scrump got up and ran out of the kitchen, Tallylu noticed him running out the door "Scrump! Oh Scrump!" Tallylu dropped what she was doing and ran after her dog, she ran passed by the party guest, still keeping her eyes on Scrump, and kept calling his name.

"Scrump! Scrump!" Tallylu kept calling out to him to stop, but Scrump kept running, until the front door was open by the icy wind, in which Scrump ran out the door in into the cold weather, Tallylu still kept calling out, but despite what she was wearing, she grabbed her coat and ran out the door, closing it behind her.

Once Tallylu was outside, the snow and wind was blowing hard, just like they announced it on the radio, but Tallylu didn't stop, she kept going, looking for her dog "Scrump! Scrump!" she screamed his name, hoping to hear him bark through this snow storm, she was having a hard time running through this snow, but she still kept on searching "Scrump! Scrump!" she kept on screaming his name.

She then spotted Scrump near a pole, shivering in the cold "Scrump!" she picked him up in her arms and they began to head back to the house, however the snow and wind blew really hard this time, making them have trouble of heading back to the house "Come on Scrump, we gotta make out of this snow storm" she told him, as she held him close and continue to make her way back.

However the snow and wind were so strong it was impossible for Tallylu head for the house, the snow and wind were blowing from different sides, and it made Tallylu having a hard time to continue, and made both her and Scrump lost and caught in the middle of a terrible blizzard.

Tallylu tried to see through the snow storm to where she was and where the house is, when suddenly the snow and wind began to twirl around, making a snow twister, it blow around rapidly, and Tallylu was caught in it, the snow twister spun her around, but she kept a tight hold of Scrump, Tallylu didn't know what to do, but she had her head down on Scrump as both of them kept spinning around in the snow twister.

Meanwhile, somewhere else, it seemed like someone was watching them in the snow twister, there a fairy and stars they resembled children were watching the scene as there was a tiny replica of the snow twister swirling around in the fairy's hand.

The fairy was beautiful, she had long blonde hair kept up in a ponytail, which she had light red strikes in, she wore a pale green and pale blue outfit, and her wings were yellow and green, the fairy held the twister in her hands as she watched it with a smile on her face, she then turned the star children floating around her as they watched the snow twister in her hands.

The fairy then brought her hand up to her face, and gently blew away the snow twister away, smiling once again as she knew something was bound to happen for her world.

She still smiled, cause she also knew it would be a start of a new adventure for Tallylu's life....

To Be Continued...
Wiz of Oz pt.1
Hey everyone, once again I'm gonna try to attempt to do a Wizard of Oz story, I have been thinking of this for the past week, so I decided to give it a try once again.

And for those of you who were waiting for my Growth story, don't worry I'm still planning to do it, I just want to try and give this story a whirl.

Anyways I'm basing this title and story plot of the famous adaption of the Wizard of Oz, called the Wiz. Now if those of you who remembered the Wiz, it is such a great broadway show, and a great movie, which stared Micheal Jackson. I remembered first watching the movie as a little girl, I thought it was interesting and weird, but it had such great moments and songs, etc.

So as I mentioned I would like to try and give my hands into this idea. And I would like to point that this idea is based on the Wiz, I'm thinking of adding a few other twists from the Wizard of Oz, who knows, just keep your eyes open for them.

Once again Tallylu will play her role as Dorothy, keep your eyes open for many other characters playing the colorful characters from the Land of Oz we come to know and love.

So I hope you enjoy this first part, and please no rude comments.
Well everyone, I would like to say I am making an announcement regarding for my new fanfiction idea coming soon, Growth. And I would like to say It will be out pretty soon. I have every little detail all planned out. I know who the Characters will be, the setting elements and of course the songs.

Now as I possibly mentioned before in my journal that my fanfic of Growth is based on Frozen, but with a few twists around with the element of Nature and plants. And the songs I have already planned out, and possible changed a few of some lyrics to the theme of the element in my fanfic.

And the characters, as you know I have mentioned that two Winx Club characters will be playing Elsa and Anna, they are Flora and Roxy. Now I already did two pictures of the two here is you like to look at them and tell me what you think of them.……

And as for the other characters, I will probably do a full cast list, just to let you all know who will be which character.

I hope you are all looking forward to this story coming soon.
Please read and leave a comment. I like to hear some of your thoughts. And I would still like to add no rude thoughts and comments.


kaitlin bishop
Yep the countdown is over! It's finally my birthday!! birthday cake Free Birthday Icon Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Birthday cake  icon Birthday cake  icon Birthday cake  icon Sini Birthday Sini Birthday Sini Birthday 

So anyways I hope to receive all your blessings and thanks.

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