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HHaW Moulin Rouge
part 1

(We go to an elephant on a roof singing)"There a boy, a very strange enchanted boy, they say he wandered very far, very far, over land and sea, a little shy, and sad of eye, but very wise was he, and then one day, a magic day he passed my way, and while we spoke of many things, fools and kings, this he said to me, (we go to a man, with a brown Mohawk hair, and his fur was a brown with a blue sleeveless vest (i mean after all if you were a who you would only have fur for clothing)and his name which probably you all know or you don't his name is Ned, and he went to his type writer and typed in...) the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return"

Ned:(having flashbacks while writing and narrating the story) "The Moulin Rouge, a nightclub, a dance hall and a bordello, ruled over by Harold Zidler(we see in the flashback small green who which you probably known as one of the chairman but we'll see him later), a kingdom of nighttime pleasures, where the rich and powerful came to play with the young and beautiful creatures of the underworld, the most beautiful of all these was the woman i loved, (we see a beautiful female who with red hair,orange fur and yellow stripes,and beautiful brown eyes) Sally, a courtesan, she sold her love to men, they called her "the sparkling diamond", and she was the star, of the Moulin Rouge."

(Ned stops writing and gave a little pause of silence and quiet sobs)

Ned:"The woman i loved is...(he turn his head out of his window and saw the Moulin Rouge with no lights and the windmill had stop and said in a quiet voice)dead, (he turn his head back to his type writer and typed) i first came to Whoris (Paris) one year ago"

(Now we go back one year ago and we see Ned came off on a train that was in Whodon (London) that taked him to Whoris, now we see him all clean up and amazed at the sight seeing while he went to his new home, an apartment)

Ned:"It was 1899, the summer of love, i knew nothing of the Moulin Rouge, Harold Zidler, or Sally, the world have been swept up in whohemian (bohemian) revolution with whos and animals, (animals of the jungle of Nool) and i have traveled from Whodon to be a part of it, on the hill near Whoris was the village of Montmartre, it was not like my father had said--"

Ned's Father:"A village of sin!"

Ned:"But the center of the whohemian world, musicians, painters, writers, they were known as "the children of the revolution", yes, i have come to live a penniless existence, i had come to write about beauty, truth, freedom and that which i believed in above all things love."

Ned's Father:"Always this ridiculous obsession with love."

Ned:"But there was only one problem-- i'd never been in love, luckily right at that moment an unconscious vulture fell through my roof." (a vulture named Vlad fell through Ned's roof with a load crash and a shout)

Vlad:(in an unconscious voice)"Sorry bro."

Ned:"He was quickly joined by a elephant dressed as an nun."(if you seen the movie or the trailer he uses his ears to make hats out of them)

Horton:(the door slams open)"How do you do, my name is Henri Marie Raymond Horton Toulouse-Lautrec Monfa but you can call me Horton for shout."


Horton:"I'm terribly sorry about all this, we were just upstairs rehearsing a play."

Ned:"What?(back to narrating)'a play' something very modern called "Spectacular Spectacular"."

Horton:"Yes and it's set in Whoitzerland (Switzerland)."

Ned:"Unfortunately, the unconscious vulture suffered from a sickness called narcolerepsy."

Horton:"Perfectly fine for one moment, then suddenly--(snores)unconscious the next."

(Suddenly two whos a tall man that almost looked like a woman (i think) and a small boy with gray and black stripes and a small blue mouse pocks their heads through the hole)

Audrey:"How is he? Well wonderful now the narcolerptic vulture is now unconscious therefore, the scenario will not be finished in time to present to the financier tomorrow."

Jojo:"He's right, Horton, i still have to finish the music."

Horton:"Find someone to read the part."

Audrey:"Now where in heaven's name are we going to find someone to read the role of a young sensitive Whoiss (Swiss)/poet goatherder?"

Ned:"Before i knew it, i was upstairs, standing in for the unconscious vulture."

(Upstairs things went well a little hectic a bit, okay make it more hectic)

Horton(singing)"The hills animate with euphonious symphonies of descant Ha, ha, ha-ha-ha."

Audrey:"Stop stop stop stop, Jojo stop that insufferable droning, it's droning out my words, can we please just stick to a little decorative piano?"

Jojo:"Sorry Audrey, but i'm doing the best i can."

Horton:"Hey Audrey, lay off the poor kid, his in alot trouble ever since what happen to his family."

(when Ned heard their conversation and saw Jojo put his head down in sadness for a sec, he knew that Jojo was an orphan)

Ned:"There seemed to be artistic differences over Audrey's lyrics to Jojo's songs."

Morton:"I don't think a nun would say that about a hill."

Jojo:"What if he sings "The hills are vital, intoning the descant"?"

Horton:"No no the hills quake and shake."

Morton:"No no no no no, the hills--"

Vlad:"The hills are incarnate with symphonic melodies!"

(everyone looks at him then he went back to be unconscious)


Ned:"No, the hills--"

Horton:"The hills--"

Ned:"The hills--"

Morton:"Are chanting the eternal mantra."

Ned:"The hills are a--"

(Horton,Morton,Jojo jabbering about the lyrics)

Ned:"The hills are a--"

(everyone still jabbering, Ned Burst out into the song with a different lyrics)

Ned(singing):"The hills are alive, with the sound of music."

(everyone stops and held a silent pause, until Vlad woke up from his unconscious again when he heard Ned sing)

Vlad:"Whoa! "The hills are alive with the sound of music" i love it."

Jojo:"Come on lets try it out."

(Horton, Morton, Jojo starts to sing to make sure that the lyrics would sound perfect in the song)

Morton(singing):"The hills are alive..."

Horton(singing):"With the sound..."

Jojo(singing):"Of music."

(Audrey being surprised)

Jojo:"It fits perfectly, can you try to sing some more mister?"

Ned(singing):"With songs that were sung, for a thousand years."

(Horton, Morton, and Vlad still surprised and shocked)

Horton:"Incandiferous!, Audrey you two should write the show together."

Audrey:"I beg your pardon?"

Ned:"But Horton's suggestion that Audrey and i write the show together, was not what Audrey wanted to hear."


(the door slams)

To Be Continued...



Okay i just want to know is it just me, or is anyone having trouble logging in. If so than what up with that? is Deviantart having some maintance thing going on or what. Cause I want to know if anyone else is having trouble with it. If so than if somebody tell me what's going on, will everything be okay or something.
Bakugan OC: Norina by cutipie6
Bakugan OC: Norina
Well everyone, it was about time I uploaded a picture. Anyways yes I like Bakugan, and here is a character I didn't mention to you all, Norina, or Nori as her friends like to call her. I liked to make a pic of her in her best Bakugan Attribute she plays with Aquos. If you want to hear more I will try to upload a Bio of Nori soon.

Just letting you know this came from a mermaid maker game from Azalea's, just to clear with everyone.

I hope you like her, and please don't be rude. Besides this is my first try on uploading a picture.
Hey everyone, I'm just thinking of some great new ideas for fanfics. So far I will try to think of some good ones, and possible try to come around to my Beauty and the Beast fanfic. But for now I was thinking of some future stories I would write.

I'm thinking of writing some fanfics of Humanized versions of movies that we love and grew up with. That means I will being doing a fanfic of a Humanized version of Finding Nemo. I've seen so many fan art pictures and drawings of Finding Nemo, as well as some Humanized versions of fanfics, that I've decided to plan and make a Humanized fanfic of Finding Nemo. Some will be inspirations of pictures I've seen as well as come up with a few thoughts of my own.

Another Humanized fanfic I'm thinking of planning on doing is one of my favorite movies growing up, the Brave Little Toaster. I've seen so many versions of Toaster and the gang, and their own interpretations of characters, that I thought of trying and making a Humanized fanfic.

Now I before I plan and make these two Humanized stories, I will still have to plan ahead on their journeys, dangers they must face, and the people (and/or in TBLT appliances). Now before hand, I would like to have some help with them, and I would like to hear your ideas and thoughts of both of these stories. I would like to hear what everyone thinks, and what their ideals would be for me to help with both fanfics, I would like the feed back.

And please don't be all rude about it, I really would like to hear what everyone thinks up of for both.
At a familiar castle, everyone in all of Andalasia was celebrating on this very Valentine's Day, having their own Valentine's Day party, everywhere you look couples were dancing together, enjoying the food, or they were just off in a private area to be alone and exchange Valentine's with eachother.

Then a familiar blue griffin named Claydore, he walked up with a mic in hand and turned to smile at all the guests and couples "Alright, alright, everyone having themselves a good time!" he asked the crowd wit enthusiasm, which everyone cheered loudly "Great, now let's start partying, couples grab your lover, give 'em a smooth and start dancing and singing!" he cheered into the mic and everyone joined in, then the music started to play to a familiar song "I'm gonna start us off with one of my personal favorites" Claydore said into the mic, and moved to the beat and started to sing

Claydore: I thought love was only in fairytales,
Meant for someone else but not for me,
Love was out to get me,
That's the it seemed,
Disappointment haunted all my dreams

Then I saw her face
Now I'm a believer,
Not a trace,
Of doubt in my mind

I'm in love
I'm a believer,
I couldn't leave her,
If I tried

Everyone started to dance to the song, Claydore then flew into the air, with mic still in hand "Alright now put your hands together for our next song, sung by my buddy, Taiku" Claydore then pointed over to Taiku who was with Alice, both sitting together, and the song started to slow down, and so Taiku started to sing to Alice

Taiku: If I never knew you,
If I never felt this love,
I would have no inkling of
How precious life can be

If I never held you,
I would never have a clue,
How at last I'd find in you,
The missing part of me

In this world so full of fear,
Full of rage and lies,
I can see the truth so clear,
In your eyes, so dry your eyes,
And I'm so grateful to you,
I'f have live my whole life through,
Lost forever,
If I never knew you

Alice: If I never knew you,
I'd be safe but half as real,
Never knowing I could feel,
A love so strong and true,
I'm so grateful to you,
I'd have live my whole life through,
Lost forever,
If I never knew you

Taiku smiled down at Alice, and took her hands into his and stared into her beautiful eyes

Taiku: I thought our love would be so beautiful

Alice: Somehow we'd make the whole world bright

Both: I never knew that fear and hate could be so strong,
All they'd leave us were these whispers in the night,
But still my heart was saying we were right

Alice: Oh if I never knew you

Taiku: There's no moment I regret

Alice: If I never felt this love

Taiku: Since the moment that we met

Alice: I would have no inkling of

Taiku: If our time has gone too fast

Alice: How precious life can be...

Taiku: I've lived at last...

Taiku and Alice both smiled at eachother, Alice then placed a flower tiara on Taiku's head, as Taiku was trying to see what it looked like, Alice smiled at him and gave him a kiss on his cheek, Taiku turned back to see Alice batting her eyes at him which caused him to smile and blush.

Next they noticed the music changed a bit, they looked over and noticed Tai and Sora were together, but they looked a bit shy at first, but they felt more comfortable with being with eachother, and soon they began to sing as well

Sora: We were strangers,
On a crazy adventure

Tai: Never dreaming,
How our dreams would come true

Both: Now here we stand,
Unafraid of the future,
At the beginning with you


Life is a road,
And I want to keep going,
Love is a river,
I wanna keep flowing,
Life is a road,
Now and forever,
Wonderful journey

I'll be there,
When the world stops turning,
I'll be there,
When the storm is through,
In the end I wanna be standing,
At the beginning with you

I knew there was somebody somewhere,
Like me alone in the dark,
Now I know my dream will live on,
I've been waiting so long,
Nothing's gonna tear us apart


Tai: Life is a road,
And I want to keep going,
Love is a river,
I wanna keep flowing

Both: Life is a road,
Now and forever,
Wonderful journey

I'll be there,
When the world stops turning,
I'll be there,
When the storm is through,
In the end I wanna be standing,
At the beginning with you

Both Tai and Sora smiled at eachother and held eachother's hand, they soon heard the music change again, and turned over to where the next song was taking place.

Everyone turned over to the balcony outside, and found Tai and Sora's friend Matt, as he was with a Who girl named Tallylu, they were both leaning against the balcony, enjoying the night's atmosphere, everyone then gathered near the balcony and watched them together, Taiku leaned on the wall as he watched the two, he knew that Humans and Whos still have a history together, but he decided to let them be happy for now, which he turned to Alice and both smiled before turning their attention to Matt and Tallylu.

Both Tallylu and Matt didn't realized everyone was watching them, they didn't cared, they were just enjoying eachother's company out on the balcony, Tallylu then turned to Matt, smiled at him and began to sing to him

Tallylu: Your waking meadows in my mind,
Making waves across my tide,
Oh no,
Oh no

I got a, Strange Magic,
Oh what a...

Both: Strange Magic

Tallylu: Oh it's a...

Both: Strange Magic,
I got a Strange Magic
I got a Strange Magic

Matt: Your sailing soltfy through the sun

Tallylu: Softly through the sun

Matt: Of a land I've always known

Your flying

Tallylu: Your flying

Matt: So high

Tallylu: So high

Matt: I get a

Both: Strange Magic
Oh what a,
Strange Magic,
Oh it's a,
Strange Magic

I got a Strange Magic,
I got a Strange Magic

Both Tallylu and Matt looked out into the night's sky, seeing the stars, Tallylu leaned her head on Matt's shoulder, in which he then placed his arm around her shoulders, as they both stared up at the stars some more, unaware everyone was watching them from the inside.

Taiku noticed the song changed and he turned everyone's attention to Roxas and Namine over to where they were sitting, both looking a bit shy but gazed into eachother's eyes, as they both began to sing next

Namine: All those days,
Watching from the windows,
All those years,
Outside looking in,
All that time never even knowing,
Just how blind I've been

Now I'm here,
Blinking in the starlight,
Now I'm here,
Suddenly I see,
Standing here it's all so clear,
I'm where I'm meant to be

Roxas: All those days,
Chasing down a daydream,
All those years,
Living in a blur,
All that time never truly seeing,
Things the way they were

Now she's here,
Shining in the starlight,
Now she's here,
Suddenly I know,
If she's here it's crystal clear,
I'm where I'm meant to go

Both: And at last I see the light

Roxas: And it's like the fog has lifted

Both: And at last I see the light

Namine: And it's like the sky is new

Both: And it's warm and real and bright,
And the world has somehow shifted

All at once,
Everything is different,
Now that I see you

Now that I see you

Roxas took Namine's hands into his, both gazing into eachother's eyes, they both leaned in and gave eachother a kiss, everyone around cheered and applauded for them, which they turned to everyone and smiled at their friends.

Then everyone turned back to the dance floor and saw Sora and Kairi, they were both in the middle of the dance floor, Kairi placed her arms on Sora's shoulders as they both danced a bit and started to sing as well

Both: I see a night I wish could last forever,
I see a world we're meant to see together,
And it is so much more than I remember

Sora: More than I remember

Kairi: More than I have known

Both: Here in the night, I see the sun,
Here in the dark, our two hearts are one,
It's out of our hands,
We can't stop what we have begun,
And love just took me by surprise,
Looking through your eyes

Looking through your eyes

Once Sora and Kairi stopped dancing they both smiled at eachother, gazing into their eyes until finally they both leaned into eachother and gave eachother a kiss, everyone once again cheered as the couple kissed, with Spyro smiling and nodding, seeing Kairi happy, he then turned to Sparx who was denying that he wasn't crying.

Claydore smiled at the couple, in fact he was smiling at all the couples that sang, cause they were singing their love songs from their hearts, and that's what made him all happy today at this party.

He then shook his head a bit and brought the mic up to speak "Alright everyone, let's wrap this up!" he said as he flew down to the dance floor, as the crowd gathered around to dance, and the music began to pick up it's tempo and rhythm

Chorus: Oh whoo,
Nobody knows it

Alice: When I was down

Taiku: I was your clown

Chorus: Oh whoo,
Nobody knows it

Tai: Right from the start

Sora: I gave you my heart

Both: I gave you my heart

Matt: So don't go breaking my heart

Tallylu: I won't go breaking your heart

All: Don't go breaking my,
Don't go breaking my,
Don't go breaking my heart

Don't go breaking my,
Don't go breaking my

Roxas: I won't go breaking your heart

All: Don't go breaking my,
Don't go breaking my

Namine: Don't go breaking my heart

All: Don't go breaking my,
Don't go breaking my

Sora: I won't go breaking your heart

All: Don't go breaking my,
Don't go breaking my

Kairi: Don't go breaking my heart

All: Don't go breaking my,
Don't go breaking my

Taiku and Alice: I won't go breaking your heart

All: Don't go breaking my,
Don't go breaking my

Don't go breaking my heart

Once the song finished, everyone ended with a pose, couples together and guest with their dates as well, all finishing in their own poses, after which everyone cheered and some laughed as they went to congratulate on eachother with the song, Taiku and Claydore turned to eachother and gave eachother a fist bump.

Taiku then turned to everyone "Well everyone, Happy Valentine's Day!" he cheered as he placed his arm around Alice "Happy Valentine's Day!" everyone cheered, and the couples or dates gave eachother a kiss or their Valentine's.

It was truly a wonderful and romantic Valentine's Day in Andalasia.
Love Song Medley
Well everyone it's Valentine's Day. And Here I thought of something like Dargonfire's characters along with some couples singing some familiar songs in a medley.

Now again I know there is a Tallylu and Matt pairing in here, but hey I have my opinion on these two and everyone else has their own opinions, I won't judge, just try not to be so rude about it okay.

anyways I hope everyone has a happy Valentine's Day, and please once again no rude comments.

Happy Valentine's Day   Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
As Taiku and his friends were being pulled in by the giant white space whale, they all looked around and noticed they were in some kind of weird dimension, all with different colors, mostly purple, blue and flashes of orange.

"Where in the world are we?" Diego asked as he floated around, with his body image following the rest of him "?ew era dlrow eht ni erehW" Diego said again only this time backwards "Hahaha! Diego you spoke backwards!" Sid laughed as he floated by him "!sdrawkcab ekops uoy ogeiD !ahahaH" this time Sid spoke backwards as well.

"We're in the 4th Dimension Mates"  Buck informed them "setaM noisnemiD ht4 eht ni er'eW" Buck spoke backwards and floated backwards "Naturally, everything you say or do will repeat backwards or you'll have many copies of yourself" Discord floated by them with arms crossed "flesruoy fo seipoc ynam evah ll'uoy ro sdrawkcab taeper lliw od ro yas uoy gnihtyreve ,yllarutaN" Discord repeated again in backwards "Well this whale better get out soon, before we all lose it" Applejack spoke and floated pass by Discord "ti esol lla ew erofeb ,noos tuo teg retteb elahw siht lleW" she spoke again in backwards as well.

With everyone they were still floating, and every time they spoke, they just spoke again in backwards "I can see sideways in time!" Manny floated around, which everyone was trying to avoid the mammoth "!emit ni syawedis ees nac I" he repeated again in backwards "Man, I see CGI" Twilight said as she floated around in circles "IGC ees I ,naM" she said in backwards as she spun in reverse "Oh oh, let me try! Let me try! Racecar, racecar, racecar! Hahaha" Pinkie Pie floated around laughing "ahahaH !racecar ,racecar ,racecaR !yrt em teL !yrt em tel ,ho hO" Pinkie laughed at her own sentence.

Taiku however just looked up "Oh yeah!" he smiled and then showed that he had many copies of himself and they were in some conga line all around as he was singing the Congo song, only this time he was singing his name to the beat "Taiku, Taiku, Taiku!" the other Taikus sang as well as the conga line of Taikus moved around in a circle.

Soon the whale then appeared back in their right dimension, still pulling on their ship, which once they all appeared in the right dimension and reality, they dropped to the ground, no longer floating, and the many copies of Taiku went back into the original one.

"Oh, they were a bunch of great guys" Taiku looked a bit bummed at what happened "We're still not out of the woods yet Taiku" Alice walked up to him "We're still attacked to the whale" she pointed at the line that they hooked up on the whale "Right I forgot" he said and they all went back to their posts on the ship.
B-day Gift Dragonfire92379
Well today is Dragonfire92379's Birthday. After all that happened to him that past day I hope he feels better today.

I thought of something from the episode of Futurama 'Mobius Dick.' Here Taiku and his friends are in the 4th dimension, and see how they would react to such place, including Taiku.

Here is a clip I was able to find…

Well sorry if it's short, but hey, it's what I can think of.

Anyways Happy Birthday Dragonfire!

And please to all no rude comments.


kaitlin bishop
Okay i just want to know is it just me, or is anyone having trouble logging in. If so than what up with that? is Deviantart having some maintance thing going on or what. Cause I want to know if anyone else is having trouble with it. If so than if somebody tell me what's going on, will everything be okay or something.

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