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HHaW Moulin Rouge
part 1

(We go to an elephant on a roof singing)"There a boy, a very strange enchanted boy, they say he wandered very far, very far, over land and sea, a little shy, and sad of eye, but very wise was he, and then one day, a magic day he passed my way, and while we spoke of many things, fools and kings, this he said to me, (we go to a man, with a brown Mohawk hair, and his fur was a brown with a blue sleeveless vest (i mean after all if you were a who you would only have fur for clothing)and his name which probably you all know or you don't his name is Ned, and he went to his type writer and typed in...) the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return"

Ned:(having flashbacks while writing and narrating the story) "The Moulin Rouge, a nightclub, a dance hall and a bordello, ruled over by Harold Zidler(we see in the flashback small green who which you probably known as one of the chairman but we'll see him later), a kingdom of nighttime pleasures, where the rich and powerful came to play with the young and beautiful creatures of the underworld, the most beautiful of all these was the woman i loved, (we see a beautiful female who with red hair,orange fur and yellow stripes,and beautiful brown eyes) Sally, a courtesan, she sold her love to men, they called her "the sparkling diamond", and she was the star, of the Moulin Rouge."

(Ned stops writing and gave a little pause of silence and quiet sobs)

Ned:"The woman i loved is...(he turn his head out of his window and saw the Moulin Rouge with no lights and the windmill had stop and said in a quiet voice)dead, (he turn his head back to his type writer and typed) i first came to Whoris (Paris) one year ago"

(Now we go back one year ago and we see Ned came off on a train that was in Whodon (London) that taked him to Whoris, now we see him all clean up and amazed at the sight seeing while he went to his new home, an apartment)

Ned:"It was 1899, the summer of love, i knew nothing of the Moulin Rouge, Harold Zidler, or Sally, the world have been swept up in whohemian (bohemian) revolution with whos and animals, (animals of the jungle of Nool) and i have traveled from Whodon to be a part of it, on the hill near Whoris was the village of Montmartre, it was not like my father had said--"

Ned's Father:"A village of sin!"

Ned:"But the center of the whohemian world, musicians, painters, writers, they were known as "the children of the revolution", yes, i have come to live a penniless existence, i had come to write about beauty, truth, freedom and that which i believed in above all things love."

Ned's Father:"Always this ridiculous obsession with love."

Ned:"But there was only one problem-- i'd never been in love, luckily right at that moment an unconscious vulture fell through my roof." (a vulture named Vlad fell through Ned's roof with a load crash and a shout)

Vlad:(in an unconscious voice)"Sorry bro."

Ned:"He was quickly joined by a elephant dressed as an nun."(if you seen the movie or the trailer he uses his ears to make hats out of them)

Horton:(the door slams open)"How do you do, my name is Henri Marie Raymond Horton Toulouse-Lautrec Monfa but you can call me Horton for shout."


Horton:"I'm terribly sorry about all this, we were just upstairs rehearsing a play."

Ned:"What?(back to narrating)'a play' something very modern called "Spectacular Spectacular"."

Horton:"Yes and it's set in Whoitzerland (Switzerland)."

Ned:"Unfortunately, the unconscious vulture suffered from a sickness called narcolerepsy."

Horton:"Perfectly fine for one moment, then suddenly--(snores)unconscious the next."

(Suddenly two whos a tall man that almost looked like a woman (i think) and a small boy with gray and black stripes and a small blue mouse pocks their heads through the hole)

Audrey:"How is he? Well wonderful now the narcolerptic vulture is now unconscious therefore, the scenario will not be finished in time to present to the financier tomorrow."

Jojo:"He's right, Horton, i still have to finish the music."

Horton:"Find someone to read the part."

Audrey:"Now where in heaven's name are we going to find someone to read the role of a young sensitive Whoiss (Swiss)/poet goatherder?"

Ned:"Before i knew it, i was upstairs, standing in for the unconscious vulture."

(Upstairs things went well a little hectic a bit, okay make it more hectic)

Horton(singing)"The hills animate with euphonious symphonies of descant Ha, ha, ha-ha-ha."

Audrey:"Stop stop stop stop, Jojo stop that insufferable droning, it's droning out my words, can we please just stick to a little decorative piano?"

Jojo:"Sorry Audrey, but i'm doing the best i can."

Horton:"Hey Audrey, lay off the poor kid, his in alot trouble ever since what happen to his family."

(when Ned heard their conversation and saw Jojo put his head down in sadness for a sec, he knew that Jojo was an orphan)

Ned:"There seemed to be artistic differences over Audrey's lyrics to Jojo's songs."

Morton:"I don't think a nun would say that about a hill."

Jojo:"What if he sings "The hills are vital, intoning the descant"?"

Horton:"No no the hills quake and shake."

Morton:"No no no no no, the hills--"

Vlad:"The hills are incarnate with symphonic melodies!"

(everyone looks at him then he went back to be unconscious)


Ned:"No, the hills--"

Horton:"The hills--"

Ned:"The hills--"

Morton:"Are chanting the eternal mantra."

Ned:"The hills are a--"

(Horton,Morton,Jojo jabbering about the lyrics)

Ned:"The hills are a--"

(everyone still jabbering, Ned Burst out into the song with a different lyrics)

Ned(singing):"The hills are alive, with the sound of music."

(everyone stops and held a silent pause, until Vlad woke up from his unconscious again when he heard Ned sing)

Vlad:"Whoa! "The hills are alive with the sound of music" i love it."

Jojo:"Come on lets try it out."

(Horton, Morton, Jojo starts to sing to make sure that the lyrics would sound perfect in the song)

Morton(singing):"The hills are alive..."

Horton(singing):"With the sound..."

Jojo(singing):"Of music."

(Audrey being surprised)

Jojo:"It fits perfectly, can you try to sing some more mister?"

Ned(singing):"With songs that were sung, for a thousand years."

(Horton, Morton, and Vlad still surprised and shocked)

Horton:"Incandiferous!, Audrey you two should write the show together."

Audrey:"I beg your pardon?"

Ned:"But Horton's suggestion that Audrey and i write the show together, was not what Audrey wanted to hear."


(the door slams)

To Be Continued...



Later that afternoon, Tallylu came home from school, however she felt like she didn't want to be at the moment, knowing how her parents would ask her how her day went, Tallylu just leaned on the door and placed her bag down "Third note home from the principle" Tallylu muttered as she looked at the familiar paper in her hands, Scrump walked over to her, knowing something was wrong with his master, Tallylu smiled a little and pat Scrump's head "Dad is gonna kill me Scrump" she told her dog and walked away from the door.

Tallylu past by the hallway, she looked into the kitchen to see her parents were busy and talking to eachother, she knew she had to get to her room fast before they spot her, however her Dad spotted her before she got the chance "Tallylu is that you?" Ned popped out of the kitchen "Yes..." Tallylu turned to him slowly "Can you come in here and help us for a moment" Ned asked her and went back into the kitchen, Tallylu sighed and followed her Dad.

As Tallylu walked into the kitchen, she noticed her Mom was already starting to make dinner, and her Dad was helping with the dishes, so she walked over to her Dad and helped clean some of the dishes.

"So how was school Tallylu?" Sally asked as she was busy cooking the food "School was fine" Tallylu replied as she cleaned the plates "And how were your classes?" Ned asked her "Good" was all Tallylu could reply "And your friends?" Ned asked again "Good" Tallylu said again only dryly "And how about that Belladonna? Is she still picking on you?" Ned raised his brow to her, knowing that his daughter and Vonfrood's daughter never got along "Nope, everything was cool" Tallylu told him, not wanting to tell what really happened today.

Ned smiled a bit and went back to wash the dishes "Wear a smile on your face, and everything will go you're way" Ned said to her as he passed the plate to her, Tallylu sighed quietly, knowing she would have to tell her parents of the note, so she smiled and stared at her parents "Okay, try smiling about this note from school" Tallylu pulled out the note and showed it to her parents.

Ned took the note from his daughter and showed Sally, both began to read, and by the time they finished reading they stared down at their daughter "Oh Tallylu...." both said as they stared at their daughter with a disappointed look "I knew it!" Tallylu said out loud and ran out the kitchen.

Tallylu walked up the stairs and ran to her room, Ned and Sally turned to eachother "Why don't I talk to her" Sally was about to head up but Ned stopped her "No, it's best if I talk to her" Ned offered then started to walk up the stairs and towards to the girls room.

By the time he got to the door, he stood there with his hands to his hips "Tallylu" he called to her, but there was no answer "I tried to be understanding, but you young lady have gone too far" he  waited for her to reply "It wasn't my fault!" Tallylu shouted through the door "Well that's not what this note says" he looked at the note again and turned to the door "The principle hates me" she said through the door "Just like your peers right?" Ned asked her as he still stood by the door "Yes!" Tallylu shouted again "The whole world hates you?" Ned said, replying what his daughter told him over time and time "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Tallylu shouted again and threw something at the door.

Ned was about to have enough "Alright, I'm coming in!" he then opened the door, once he got in he heard music playing in the room knowing she must have turned stereo on, and there he found a picture frame on the floor, he picked it up and noticed it was the picture that was taken when Tallylu was little on her birthday with Ned giving her heart shaped pendant as a present.

Ned stared at the picture until he heard his daughter crying, he walked over the the right ladder, climbed up and stared at his daughter crying into her pillow, he walked over to her stereo and turned the volume down until it was mute and placed her picture frame down.

"Nobody cares about me!" Tallylu cried into her pillow, Ned walked over and sat on her bed "You know that's not true" he said softly to her "Then tell me why does everybody try to avoid me?" she lifted her head to look at him and turned back to cry in her pillow some more "You need to think about that" Ned replied to her and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder "See, you hate me too!" Tallylu moved her shoulder away from his hand "That's why I don't have any friends!" she turned back to her pillow again.

Ned looked away a bit but turned back her "What about Lara? Didn't you invite her to the fair?" he asked again "She want's nothing to do with me" Tallylu told him as she sat up "What! Why's that?" he was shocked to hear about this "She says....she said....never mind" Tallylu didn't want to tell him and decided to forget it.

Ned sat there and stared at his daughter, then placed his hand on her shoulder "You know you could always come with your family" he offered her, which made Tallylu look up to face him "We'll have a blast" Ned told her with a smile "Now dinner will be ready soon" Ned said as he got up and climbed down the ladder.

Tallylu sat on her bed "Just what I needed" Tallylu said to herself and lay herself on her back.

At the night of the fair, every Who was having a great time, going on the rides, playing some games and stuffing their faces with food.

The McDodd family were together in one big main group, but of course most of the 96 daughters saw their friends coming by and asked them if they like to come, they asked their parents and said they were okay with it, most of the girls offered Tallylu if she could hang out with them, but Tallylu said she was okay, Jojo said he was going off on his own, and Ned and Sally were okay as long as he comes back when they leave.

Jojo as well offered Tallylu to come, but she relied to her brother she was okay with it, so she decided to stay with her parents, they continued to walk through the fair to see what they could do.

"Having fun Tallylu?" Ned turned to his daughter as both he and Sally laughed "It's a blast" Tallylu replied as she continued to walk beside them "Lara isn't the only Who in this town you know Tallylu" Sally told her as they all walked by some games "Sure Mom" Tallylu said as she looked away for a moment "You see Tallylu, there are no accidents" Ned began, as if trying to give his daughter more of his advice.

"There is a reason for everything" Ned continued as his daughter walked beside him "Whether you make the best or worse of it is up to you" he placed his hand on her shoulder "You know what I mean?" he finished and turned to her "No" Tallylu frowned and just shook her head but Ned continue to smile "Something amazing is going to come your way, I can almost taste it" Ned told her truthfully.

Tallylu stopped and turned to him "Something? Like what?" she questioned him, wanting to know, however Ned and Sally stopped as they spotted a hot dog stand "Want one?" Sally turned to her "Yeah, sure" Tallylu nodded politely as he parents went to get them hot dogs.

Tallylu turned and walked over to a stand selling jewelry "Nothing happens for a reason" she said to herself as she looked at the jewelry "Only dreamers like Dad believe in that" she added as she looked at the necklaces "Hi Tallylu" said a familiar voice.

Tallylu turned around and saw Belladonna and Klarissa standing by, Tallylu frowned at them "Do I know you?" Tallylu said as she ignore them "I just want to apologize at what happened" Belladonna walked over to her "Whatever" Tallylu said still ignoring her "You should totally come hang out with us" Belladonna offered her "And why?" Tallylu asked and turned to the two Whos.

"Nick and two of his friends invited us to the Fun House" Klarissa told her and walked over to Tallylu's other side "And if you join us, it'll be 3 on 3" Belladonna said to her with a smile "And I know you like Nick" Klarissa nudged her playfully "Thanks" Tallylu smiled at them, but she looked away for a moment.

She turned back to them "But I'm here with my..." she then spotted her parents walking over with hot dogs "Don't worry about us, just go play with your friends and have fun" Sally told her "Hi Mr and Mrs. McDodd" both Belladonna and Klarissa waved to them "Hello girls" Ned smiled at them "Remember Tallylu, make the most opportunity" Ned told as he munched on his hot dog.

And with that said, Belladonna and Klarissa grabbed Tallylu and they started to walk together while Belladonna and Klarissa laughed, Tallylu looked back at her parents and saw her parents waving to her, and her Dad giving a thumbs up, which made Tallylu smiled a bit and continued on with the girls.

By the time they got to a castle looking Fun House, the three of them went in together, they all made their way down a hall of mirrors, with Belladonna and Klarissa leading the way.

As Tallylu fallowed them, she looked around the hall of mirrors, she then covered herself as a light was shining to bright, which made Tallylu feel a little weak, and held onto a mirror to support herself.

Belladonna and Klarissa turned back to her "You're not gonna run off are you?" Belladonna asked her as she grabbed Tallylu's arm and dragged her, they continued down the hall as Belladonna kept dragging Tallylu, and when they got to the corner, Belladonna pushed her out.

Tallylu gasped at what she saw, it was Nick and he was with Lara, and by the way they were together, they were out on a date holding eachother close, and Nick gave a kiss on Lara's forehead.

Tallylu stood there wide eyed and jaw slightly opened at what she saw "No...." she muttered as she watched both her ex-best friend and crush together, hearing both Belladonna and Klarissa's giggles, but then Belladonna pushed her towards the couple, and as Lara and Nick hugged, Lara looked over and saw who came "Tallylu...!" Lara looked a bit shocked and watched as Tallylu backing away from them.

Tallylu had to get out of there, so she ran away, with Belladonna and Klarissa laughing at their prank they just pulled, and watched her running away.

Tallylu kept on running down the hall of mirrors, trying to get away what she just saw and still hearing both Belladonna and Klarissa's cruel laughs, as she continued to run the lights were flashing and Tallylu ran into some mirrors, her reflection scaring her, she then placed her hands to her head and ran away crying.

When she ran out of the Fun House, a storm began to come down and everyone was trying to find some place to take shelter from the rain, but Tallylu kept running and crying in the storm, that was until she bumped into someone.

She looked up and saw the person she bumped into was her Dad "Tallylu? Tallylu, what happened?" Ned placed his hands on her shoulders, wondering if she was okay, Tallylu looked up at him with a angry look and pushed away from him "Go away! Everyone thinks I'm a freak because I'm not normal like you, Mom, or our family or every other Who!" Tallylu yelled at him "I'm the freaking daughter of the Odd Mayor of Whoville!" Tallylu yelled again as tears ran down her cheeks.

Ned was shocked to hear this "Sometimes I wished I wasn't your daughter!" Tallylu said as she looked away and held onto her birthmark arm, then began to run away from him "Tallylu..." Ned watched her running away, but began to run after her.

"Tallylu!" he called out to her, still chasing after her, Tallylu ran faster away from him "Tallylu! Tallylu!" he watched her running on the road, the cars stopped as Tallylu ran in front of them "Tallylu!" Ned called out to his daughter as he saw her running into the forest.

Tallylu kept on running deep into the forest, she could still hear her Dad calling out to her, but she still kept on going until she couldn't hear anyone calling her, Ned informed Sally what happened and the two began to search for their daughter in the forest "Tallylu! Tallylu!" they both called out to her, and still kept on searching.

Soon Tallylu slowed down and began to walk as she could hear her parents still calling out to her, she stared down at the ground as she continued to walk in the rough storm "I hate this world!" she began as she glared down at the ground "I hate all of you!" she stopped and looked up "I wish I was dead!" she shouted and began to cry some more.

Suddenly thunder crashed loudly and the lightning flashed, and struck the tree near her, Tallylu tried to run but she couldn't move, the tree began to fall and Tallylu screamed when soon the tree fell down crushing her.

The rain kept pouring down as Tallylu laid there as the tree still lay upon her, she laid there still knocked out, not even moving a muscle, until finally she wasn't able to wake up....

To Be Continued...
Daddy I'm a Zombie pt.2
well here's part 2, hopefully I will try to get the other chapters up soon.
It was an average morning on this average day in Whoville, and everything around seemed pretty normal to all the Whos in Whoville, everyone one around pretty much doing their normal tasks or work on another average normal day such as this.

In the home of the Mayor of Whoville, Ned McDodd gathered around at the table with his family, he sat in his chair and smiled at his family, and as each of his 97 children went around for their few seconds with him, Ned did a head count and noticed 96 children were at the table, only 95 daughters and 1 son, Ned turn to his wife Sally and turned back to their children to see who was missing, they both counted again and both sighed as they knew who was missing.

"Jojo, girls, where's Tallylu?" Ned asked his kids "Still sleeping" all 95 daughters replied to him  in unison "Still asleep I guess" Jojo simply said as he shrugged, Ned and Sally turned to eachother, Sally smiled as she was about to get up from her seat "I'll go wake her up" Ned told her, placing a hand on her shoulder, he then got up from his seat and walked off.

As Ned got to the girls room, he cleared his throat and opened the door "Tallylu?" he called out to her, looking around the girls room to see many of their bunk beds, searching for the right one.

He walked over to one of the ladders, climbing up to the right bed, he then saw that his daughter was still in bed with her covers over her, and her dog Scrump sleeping on the bed with her "Morning Tallylu" he said to her with a smile, hearing her with a sleepy moan "Get a good night sleep Dear?" he asked her "No..." she replied still sleepy, turning to the other side.

Ned still smiled then pulled the covers off her "Come on, rise and shine!" he heard her groan and watched Scrump stretching and gave a yawn "Go away" Tallylu groan, trying to still sleep "Hurry, or you'll be late for school again" Ned told her, scratching Scrump's ear "So what, I hate that place" Tallylu told him, turning to her side again, Ned sighed "Don't you want to see your friend Lara?" he asked her, sitting on her bed.

Tallylu looked away for a moment "She's been acting weird around me lately" she replied to her dad "Why not invited her to the fair tomorrow night?" Ned asked her again then pulled out tickets from his pocket "I got extra tickets" he showed them to her, Tallylu stared at them and stared at her dad, until finally she got out of bed.

Later after breakfast, Jojo and the girls said goodbye to their parents as they each went off to school, Tallylu was the last one to leave the house "Bye Scrump, see you later boy" Tallylu smiled down at her dog as she scratched his ears, and as she was walking to school, Ned and Sally watched her, both noticing something wrong with their daughter "Ned maybe you should with her, to make sure she's okay" Sally turned to her husband "Not to worry Sally, I'll talk to her" Ned replied to his wife, giving her a kiss goodbye walked after Tallylu.

Ned finally caught up to Tallylu and both walked down the path towards the school "So is everything okay Tallylu?" Ned asked her as they both walked down the path "Everything's fine Dad" Tallylu replied, holding the strap of her messenger bag, both still walking together "Beautiful day we're having? Today is destined to be devine, I can feel it" Ned said as he looked at the weather and everyone around waving at him cheerfully a good morning as he waved back.

Tallylu gave a little smile but frowned a bit as she continue to walk down the path "It's always like this Dad, like every other day it's the same" she told him, as he looked at her with a concern look, but smiled at her "Tallylu don't be so cynical," he placed his hand on her shoulder as they continue to walk "Remember you attract what you put out-" "Like a magnet" Tallylu finished his sentence.

They continued to walk until they were almost to the school "Umm....I'm good on my own now Dad" she turned to him as they stopped "You sure you don't want me to see you off?" Ned asked her again "Yeah I'm sure, besides you gotta get to work" Tallylu told him, not wanting him to know it would embarrass her to drop her off in front of everyone, Ned just smiled and gave her a hug goodbye.

Tallylu made her way to the school building, minding her own business, that was until she saw a Who with dark pink color fur and hair "Lara!" she smiled then started to call out to her "Hey Lara!" she ran up to her "Tallylu...." Lara said quietly and stared at her as she held onto her books "Hey Lara, I got extra tickets to the fair if you want to come?" Tallylu showed her the tickets her Dad gave her.

Lara looked around until she turned back to Tallylu "Yeah well....I can't go, I'm grounded" Lara told her as she turned away "Come on Lara, what's wrong?" Tallylu asked her, knowing something was up "And don't call me anymore, and you can keep this!" Lara turned back to her and handed Tallylu her friendship bracelet.

Tallylu stared at the friendship bracelet in her hands before watching Lara walk away "I thought we were friends...." Tallylu said quietly before heading inside "You stink!" she said to her with a glare on her face, that was before a Who boy stuck his foot out and made Tallylu trip, she feel to the ground as her papers and books were scattered on the floor and out of her bag, everyone around laughed at this "Sorry, didn't see ya there McDodd" the Who boy laughed and walked away as everyone else followed.

Once everyone left, Tallylu gathered all her papers and books and placed them in her bag "Attract what we think, like a magnet" Tallylu replied her father's advice as she dusted the dirt on herself and headed to class before the bell rung.

Sometime later, Tallylu was just in the library studying, she was also doodling in her notebook, that was until she noticed a familiar Who Boy Nick sitting away from her, Tallylu smiled to herself as she felt her cheeks getting warm, she always feel like this whenever she see Nick around, she gave a dreamy sigh and doodled a heart in her notebook as well as both Tallylu and Nick's first letter in their names.

"Hey McDodd!" said a familiar voice, Tallylu closed her eyes and groaned, knowing who it was, she looked up and saw a familiar green fur Who Belladonna Vonfrood, along with her friend Klarissa "Give it up McDodd, Nick isn't into blue armed freaks" Belladonna smirked at her as Klarissa laughed "I mean, look at yourself" Belladonna pointed to her "She looks like she belongs in a Freakshow" Klarissa and Belladonna laughed at her.

Tallylu just ignored them and picked up her books so she could move away from them, that's when Belladonna and Klarissa noticed heart shaped pendant around her neck "Listen McDodd, take my advice for once, first thing that's gotta go is that heart trinket around your neck" Belladonna stared at the pendant "Let me guess, a boy you once knew gave it to you back in Kindergarten" Klarissa smirked at her "No I bet it was that Screwball of Father that gave it to her" Belladonna said as she flipped her hair "You know I'm right, like Dopey Father like Freaky Daughter" both Belladonna and Klarissa laughed again.

Tallylu just about had enough of them, they could insult her all they want, she can try to ignore them, but insult her Dad, they just crossed the line, Tallylu glared at them then slapped Belladonna across her face, and made Belladonna fall down to the ground.

Klarissa gasped as she say what happened and stood still in her place and stared down at her fallen friend, Tallylu glared at her and picked up her things, that was until she noticed a teacher was there and saw the whole thing "Tallylu..." he said sternly to her, waving to her to come over to him and waited for her to come with him.

Tallylu sighed and walked over to the teacher and followed him out the library "This is so not my day" Tallylu mumbled to herself as she continued to followed the teacher down the hall.

To Be Continued...
Daddy I'm a Zombie pt.1
Well everyone, here I am gonna try to write this fanfic story, Daddy I'm a Zombie, which is also based on the movie. So anyways hope you like part 1 everyone.

Enjoy and please no rude comments
Yep the countdown is over! It's finally my birthday!! birthday cake Free Birthday Icon Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Birthday cake  icon Birthday cake  icon Birthday cake  icon Sini Birthday Sini Birthday Sini Birthday 

So anyways I hope to receive all your blessings and thanks.
Well the birthday countdown is still going. And only 3 days left! 3 Days!
Well everyone soon it will be my birthday. And it's only 6 days away! That is way I'm doing a countdown, I was meaning to start yesterday, but I totally forgot, so now I just put it up. 

Anyways I hope you all see the countdown, and hope you send your regards to me soon. I hope some of my viewers are doing something for my birthday, I may sound like I am sending requests but that is up to you all. You all my want to send fanfic pictures to my or one shot fanfic stories, all those I don't mind just as long it's up to you if you all want. Plus I don't mind if people send me comments, or llamas or present icons. Just as long as I have viewers that know my birthday is all.

Thank you all for watching and let the countdown begin!


kaitlin bishop
Yep the countdown is over! It's finally my birthday!! birthday cake Free Birthday Icon Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Birthday cake  icon Birthday cake  icon Birthday cake  icon Sini Birthday Sini Birthday Sini Birthday 

So anyways I hope to receive all your blessings and thanks.

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