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HHaW Moulin Rouge
part 1

(We go to an elephant on a roof singing)"There a boy, a very strange enchanted boy, they say he wandered very far, very far, over land and sea, a little shy, and sad of eye, but very wise was he, and then one day, a magic day he passed my way, and while we spoke of many things, fools and kings, this he said to me, (we go to a man, with a brown Mohawk hair, and his fur was a brown with a blue sleeveless vest (i mean after all if you were a who you would only have fur for clothing)and his name which probably you all know or you don't his name is Ned, and he went to his type writer and typed in...) the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return"

Ned:(having flashbacks while writing and narrating the story) "The Moulin Rouge, a nightclub, a dance hall and a bordello, ruled over by Harold Zidler(we see in the flashback small green who which you probably known as one of the chairman but we'll see him later), a kingdom of nighttime pleasures, where the rich and powerful came to play with the young and beautiful creatures of the underworld, the most beautiful of all these was the woman i loved, (we see a beautiful female who with red hair,orange fur and yellow stripes,and beautiful brown eyes) Sally, a courtesan, she sold her love to men, they called her "the sparkling diamond", and she was the star, of the Moulin Rouge."

(Ned stops writing and gave a little pause of silence and quiet sobs)

Ned:"The woman i loved is...(he turn his head out of his window and saw the Moulin Rouge with no lights and the windmill had stop and said in a quiet voice)dead, (he turn his head back to his type writer and typed) i first came to Whoris (Paris) one year ago"

(Now we go back one year ago and we see Ned came off on a train that was in Whodon (London) that taked him to Whoris, now we see him all clean up and amazed at the sight seeing while he went to his new home, an apartment)

Ned:"It was 1899, the summer of love, i knew nothing of the Moulin Rouge, Harold Zidler, or Sally, the world have been swept up in whohemian (bohemian) revolution with whos and animals, (animals of the jungle of Nool) and i have traveled from Whodon to be a part of it, on the hill near Whoris was the village of Montmartre, it was not like my father had said--"

Ned's Father:"A village of sin!"

Ned:"But the center of the whohemian world, musicians, painters, writers, they were known as "the children of the revolution", yes, i have come to live a penniless existence, i had come to write about beauty, truth, freedom and that which i believed in above all things love."

Ned's Father:"Always this ridiculous obsession with love."

Ned:"But there was only one problem-- i'd never been in love, luckily right at that moment an unconscious vulture fell through my roof." (a vulture named Vlad fell through Ned's roof with a load crash and a shout)

Vlad:(in an unconscious voice)"Sorry bro."

Ned:"He was quickly joined by a elephant dressed as an nun."(if you seen the movie or the trailer he uses his ears to make hats out of them)

Horton:(the door slams open)"How do you do, my name is Henri Marie Raymond Horton Toulouse-Lautrec Monfa but you can call me Horton for shout."


Horton:"I'm terribly sorry about all this, we were just upstairs rehearsing a play."

Ned:"What?(back to narrating)'a play' something very modern called "Spectacular Spectacular"."

Horton:"Yes and it's set in Whoitzerland (Switzerland)."

Ned:"Unfortunately, the unconscious vulture suffered from a sickness called narcolerepsy."

Horton:"Perfectly fine for one moment, then suddenly--(snores)unconscious the next."

(Suddenly two whos a tall man that almost looked like a woman (i think) and a small boy with gray and black stripes and a small blue mouse pocks their heads through the hole)

Audrey:"How is he? Well wonderful now the narcolerptic vulture is now unconscious therefore, the scenario will not be finished in time to present to the financier tomorrow."

Jojo:"He's right, Horton, i still have to finish the music."

Horton:"Find someone to read the part."

Audrey:"Now where in heaven's name are we going to find someone to read the role of a young sensitive Whoiss (Swiss)/poet goatherder?"

Ned:"Before i knew it, i was upstairs, standing in for the unconscious vulture."

(Upstairs things went well a little hectic a bit, okay make it more hectic)

Horton(singing)"The hills animate with euphonious symphonies of descant Ha, ha, ha-ha-ha."

Audrey:"Stop stop stop stop, Jojo stop that insufferable droning, it's droning out my words, can we please just stick to a little decorative piano?"

Jojo:"Sorry Audrey, but i'm doing the best i can."

Horton:"Hey Audrey, lay off the poor kid, his in alot trouble ever since what happen to his family."

(when Ned heard their conversation and saw Jojo put his head down in sadness for a sec, he knew that Jojo was an orphan)

Ned:"There seemed to be artistic differences over Audrey's lyrics to Jojo's songs."

Morton:"I don't think a nun would say that about a hill."

Jojo:"What if he sings "The hills are vital, intoning the descant"?"

Horton:"No no the hills quake and shake."

Morton:"No no no no no, the hills--"

Vlad:"The hills are incarnate with symphonic melodies!"

(everyone looks at him then he went back to be unconscious)


Ned:"No, the hills--"

Horton:"The hills--"

Ned:"The hills--"

Morton:"Are chanting the eternal mantra."

Ned:"The hills are a--"

(Horton,Morton,Jojo jabbering about the lyrics)

Ned:"The hills are a--"

(everyone still jabbering, Ned Burst out into the song with a different lyrics)

Ned(singing):"The hills are alive, with the sound of music."

(everyone stops and held a silent pause, until Vlad woke up from his unconscious again when he heard Ned sing)

Vlad:"Whoa! "The hills are alive with the sound of music" i love it."

Jojo:"Come on lets try it out."

(Horton, Morton, Jojo starts to sing to make sure that the lyrics would sound perfect in the song)

Morton(singing):"The hills are alive..."

Horton(singing):"With the sound..."

Jojo(singing):"Of music."

(Audrey being surprised)

Jojo:"It fits perfectly, can you try to sing some more mister?"

Ned(singing):"With songs that were sung, for a thousand years."

(Horton, Morton, and Vlad still surprised and shocked)

Horton:"Incandiferous!, Audrey you two should write the show together."

Audrey:"I beg your pardon?"

Ned:"But Horton's suggestion that Audrey and i write the show together, was not what Audrey wanted to hear."


(the door slams)

To Be Continued...



Ned continued his way deep in the dark forest, he kept calling out to Horton, seeing if he could find him, but still no luck, it began to get colder, Ned then tried to warm his arms up by rubbing his hands to his arms but that didn't help.

All of a sudden, he heard laughter, Ned jerked around and above the hill he saw hyenas, staring down at him, laughing and some were even growling and snarling at him "Hyenas!" Ned then began to ran as fast as he could, and the hyenas started to chase after him, Ned kept running, he looked back a bit and he could hear them coming towards him.

Ned was about to take a step until he slipped and stumbled down a hill, he managed to get up to his knees, and when he got up he noticed a big gates in front of him, figuring if there were gate than someone had to live there, Ned turned back and saw the hyenas looking down at him and growled.

"Help! Is someone there?!" Ned ran to the gates, trying to get someone's attention and trying to open the gates, as the hyenas ran down the hill "Help!" Ned cried out again, until the gates swung open and he fell on the other side, the hyenas were catching up and were nearly there, but Ned managed to close the gates with his foot in time, that was until on of the hyenas grabbed his foot but Ned managed to pull his foot away before the hyena could have bitten him.

The hyenas only snarled at him just before they decided to leave and find something else to eat, Ned looked at them seeing they were gone, and when he turned around he gasped.

Right in front of him stood and huge castle, and to him it looked a bit dark and scary looking, sudden it began to rain, Ned decided to take shelter in the castle, and hoping that someone in the castle would help him and give him shelter from the rain.

Ned ran up to the castle's doors, he banged on the door a few times until it opened, Ned took a peek inside and found the castle was as huge on the inside.

He walked in, closing the door behind him, he looked around for a moment "Hello?" he called out, hoping someone lived here "Hello?" he called out again, hoping to hear a reply "Poor guy lost himself in the woods" Ned heard a voice somewhere near him "Keep quiet! Maybe he'll go away" another voice said "He won't go away with the two of you talking" the third voice said to the other voices "Is someone there?" Ned called out again, looking around for the voices.

And hiding somewhere, there happened to be a few animals, spying on him, one was a white and brown polar dog, another was a raven with what looked like brown hair on it's head, and the other was a yellow hare and it looked a bit feminine with brown hair on it's head as well, they continued to stare at their visit but the hare shifted her eyes to the polar dog "Not a word from you Sokka, not one word!" she whispered to the polar dog who was named Sokka.

"I don't mean to intrude, I lost my friend, he's an elephant, and I really need a place to stay for the night" Ned called out, hoping he would hear the voices again, which the three animals came out of hiding.

"Come on Courtney, have a heart?" Sokka turned to the hare "I mean it Sokka!" Courtney turned to him and covered his mouth with her hands "Courtney, I would think next time before you do that, in case you're forgetting what Sokka is?" the raven said to her with a bored sound in his voice, in which Sokka a bit smirked and licked Courtney's hands "Eww!" she let go of him and tried to wipe the slobber off "Told you" the raven smirked at her "And I don't see you helping me Noah!" Courtney glared at the raven named Noah.

So Sokka then walked up to Ned "You're welcome sir" he said to him "Who said that?" Ned turned around and saw no one behind him "Over here!" Sokka told him, but when Ned turned around he saw nothing "Where?" Ned asked again, Sokka rolled his eyes and used his paws to tap Ned's foot, Ned then looked down and he and Sokka were face to face "Hello" Sokka greeted him, Ned then yelped and accidentally kicked Sokka.

Ned slowly walked back to Sokka, who slowly got up groaning "I probably deserve that" Sokka groaned and stretched a bit "I don't believe it" Ned muttered to himself as he continued to stare at the talking polar dog in front of him.

"Now you've done it Sokka! Just great!" Courtney hopped over to him, which Sokka rolled his eyes "What will your sister say when she hears about- hey!" Courtney was then picked up by Ned "Unbelievable" Ned muttered again and began to examined her "Put me down! I said put me down!" Courtney tried to get out of Ned's grasps, as this was happening Sokka laughed at this and Noah just smirked "This has just made my day" he said as he lifted his wing to Sokka which they both high five.

Ned continued to examine Courtney, he turned her around and looked at her fluffy tail and pinched it "Hey! Do you mind!" Courtney slapped his hand "I'm sorry, it's just that you don't seem like an ordinary talking hare- Achoo!" Ned then sneezed on Courtney, h placed her down, which she frowned and turned to Noah who was still smirking, almost close to laughing "You're enjoying this, aren't you?" she glared at him "Yeah pretty much, I could get use to this" Noah replied to her and flew off.

Ned then grabbed his handkerchief and blow his nose, Sokka saw this and smiled up at him "You looked soaked to the bone, come warm yourself by the fire" Sokka began to show him into the other room with a fireplace "Thank you" Ned sniffed and began to follow him "No! No! No!" Courtney managed to dry herself and followed the two "You know what 'He' will do when he finds him here!" Courtney warned Sokka, who wasn't paying attention but instead stilled showed his hospitality to Ned.

Unknown to them, someone, or something was watching them on the upper floor, it then glared at the scene and began to leave the area and head to a new one.

"I demand you stop right there!" Courtney demanded, as she pulled on Ned's cloak, trying to stop him, however she tripped a bit, she looked up and gasped at what's happening next "Oh no! No no no! Not that chair!" Courtney saw Ned sitting in a familiar chair as Sokka offered it to him.

As Courtney got up, some other animals came in the room, one was another white and brown polar dog, the other was a winged lemur, and the other two were a badgermole and what looked like a humanoid koi fish "I heard we've got a visitor" the winged lemur flew over to Ned's shoulder which made Ned stare at him with amazement "Meet Aang" Sokka pointed to the winged lemur "Toph, Suki and my sister Katara" Sokka pointed to the other animals "Please to meet you" they four animals said and bowed to him "I hope Sokka didn't treat your stay badly so far" Katara walked up to him, and which Sokka frowned at his sister "No not at all" Ned nodded and patted the female polar dog.

"We've got a visitor!" a voice said, which everyone turned around and spotted a Patamon came flying in and landed in Ned's lap "I'm not seeing this!" Courtney covered her eyes and turned away "Calm down Courtney, and relax" Noah flew back down to her side.

"Well hello there" Ned smiled down "Hi Mister, I'm TK it's nice to meet you" the Patamon smiled up at him "Very nice to meet you too" Ned replied as he patted TK's head "Lift your feet up" Toph the badgermole told him, in which she placed a footstool under his legs "Here, you must be cold" Suki the humanoid koi fish then placed a blanket around him "Thank you, what service" Ned thanked them both, as he felt more warmer already.

Courtney looked at this scene, took a deep breath "I'm surprised you aren't worried" she turned to Noah "Hey, this is the only visitor we've got in a long time, course i'm not worried, you think he's worried in a castle with talking animals?" Noah raised his brow at her before joining the rest of the gang near Ned "Alright someone's gotta put an end!" Courtney said out loud and turned to the rest of the group "This as gone far enough! I'm in charge here!" Courtney was about to put an end.

That was until she was knocked over by a cart, which was being pushed by two unicorns, one was a male and he was gray and the other was a female and was a light blue color, they were Gru and Lucy "How about some tea, it'll warm you up even more" Lucy said to him with a smile, as she used her horn's magic to lift the teapot and pour the tea in a teacup "No tea! No tea Lucy!" Courtney got up again and hopped over to her.

After Ned took a sip from the teacup, he noticed a blue kitten with black hair staring at him "You look a bit funny" she giggled at him "Hello there" Ned chuckled at the kitten "Agnes, don't be rude" a green kitten with glasses popped out "I kinda agree with her, he does look funny" a pink kitten with a pink hat popped up as well "Girls, I want you to be nice to our guest" Gru gave the kittens a stern look "Sorry" the kittens apologized to Ned "Well hi I'm Margo, this is Edith and that's Agnes" Margo the green kitten introduced herself and her sisters to Ned.

Ned smiled and chuckled at these animals that welcomed him with hospitality, as Courtney tried to get him a to leave and she even tried doing it politely, then Ned spotted another unicorn walking in along with a centaurette, the unicorn had yellow coat color, and her main and tail were red and yellow and on her flank had a red and yellow sun, the centaurette had long orange hair color, her horse body was a very light purple color and she wore a white bra, and on her flank was a heart with a three pointed crown on it.

The two walked up to Ned and greeted him "How is your stay so far sir" the unicorn asked him, but she turned away a bit "It's alright Sunset, your getting good with your people skills" the centaurette said to her then turned back to Ned "I'm Alice, this is Sunset Shimmer" Alice introduced both of them to Ned "Might I ask what your name is?" Alice asked him, as everyone else turned to him and wondered as well "My name is Ned McDodd" he introduced himself to everyone "It's a pleasure to have you here" Alice smiled as she bowed.

"Hello!" a fox faced dragon appeared above Ned, which made him scream and sank into the chair "Sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you" the dragon held up his hands "Forgive...Ned was it" he asked him "Yes, and who are you" Ned slowly raised up "I'm Taiku" he grinned and held out his hand " in the Yang dragon Taiku?" Ned grinned and raised his brow to him "The one and only" Taiku replied back, and they both shook eachother's hands.

Taiku then chuckled "So you've got nothing to fear of me" Taiku told him as his hand returned to his side, when sudden the door burst opened and a strong guest of wind came into the room and managed to put out the fire, soon everyone began to huddle together and started shaking, Taiku however stood perfectly still and his eyes seemed to be a bit wide and his smile fade "But you will fear him" he managed to say and stepped back with the others and too Alice's hands "Uh-oh!" TK quietly muttered, as he hid behind Taiku for he knew what's come.

Ned stood in his chair, but was shaking in fear, then a shadow was cast upon the floor to the chair, which then stood at the door way was a Digimon, a wolf like Digimon standing on it's hind likes like a man, it was a WereGarurumon, what was interesting of his eyes were blue.

The WereGarurumon made it's way in the room and growled and snarled and walked up to the animals, Ned heard the growling and snarling and sank into the chair still shaking in fear.

"There's a stranger here" the WereGarurumon said with a growl in his voice and turned to the animals "Hey Matt, I can explain everything" Sokka walked up to the wolf Digimon "The man was lost in the woods, he was cold and wet, and-" Sokka tried to explain but the WereGarurumon howled at him, which Sokka than ran back to the others.

"Matt, may I have a moment to say something" Courtney hopped up to him "I was against this whole thing from the start! It was all Sokka's fault!" Courtney began to rant on, but the WereGarurumon glared at her as she continued "I tried to stop them all, but did they listen to me? No they did-" the WereGarurumon howled again, Courtney gasped and hopped back to the others.

Ned heard those howls, he wondered what was here in the room, so he turned to the sides of the chair until he was face to face with the WereGarurumon "Who are you? What are you doing here?" the WereGarurumon snarled at him, Ned got up from the chair "I was lost in the woods and-" Ned back up from the wolf Digimon "You're not welcome here!" the WereGarurumon growled at him "I-I'm sorry!" Ned stuttered and stared up at the WereGarurumon.

"What are you staring at?" the WereGarurumon looked down at the Who man "N-nothing!" Ned stuttered again "So, you've come to stare at the WereGarurumon have you!" Ned was about to run away but the WereGarurumon got to the door and blocked him "Please I mean no harm! I just needed a place to stay" Ned tried to reason and explained to the Digimon in front of him "I'll give you a place to stay!" the WereGarurumon once again growled and walked up to Ned.

The WereGarurumon then grabbed Ned and began to drag him away "No! No! Please! No! NO!" Ned cried out as he was being dragged away.

And with the slam to the door, the animals had watched the whole event, and stood still as their only guest was being dragged away by the wolf Digimon, they all looked down and felt a bit gulty for Ned.

Taiku however, he felt the same as the other, but he was thinking of something else, he then placed his hand to his head and shook it, giving a sigh, as if he was somehow ashamed by the WereGarurumon.

To Be Continued...
Beauty and the WereGarurumon pt.3
part 3 is here. Now I will tell you that some of the characters animals are based on some mentioned in the movies, or tv shows. And some I will mentioned are based on a deviant artists' drawings.

so enjoy.
Tallylu ran straight to her house, seeing smoke still escaping from the windows and chimney, she could even see some smoke escaping from the cellar, so she ran to the cellar and opened the door, as more smoke managed to get out, she began to hear coughing.

"Dad? Mom?" she called out as she made her way down "Tallylu is that you?" Tallylu looked in front of her, as the smoke cleared out of the cellar, which was also her dad's working area, there she saw her mother Sally, on the ground "Mom, what happened?" she asked her as she helped her mother up "It seems like your father had another problem with his invention" Sally answered her, both turned to their father and husband, Ned McDodd, who was getting help from Tallylu's brother Jojo "Why don't you go help your brother and father, while I'll check on your sisters" Sally told her as she waked out of the cellar.

Tallylu made her way to her brother and father, trying to clear more of the smoke away, Jojo finally managed to help Ned up "Are you alright Dad?" Tallylu asked him "He's fine, just a bit dizzy" Jojo replied to her "I'm more than fine you two" both Tallylu and Jojo turned to face their father "I'm about to give up on this pile of junk!" Ned frowned towards his invention and kicked it, only to get the pain in his foot, he yelped and held it until the pain went away.

"You always say that" Tallylu chuckled a bit "I mean it this time! I'm never gonna get this invention to work" Ned turned away, crossing his arms "You will, and you'll win 1st prize at the fair tomorrow" Tallylu sad to him, but Ned wasn't buying it, he continued to frown "And you'll become a famous inventor" Tallylu added with a smile "You really believe that?" Ned looked at her with a raise brow, seeing he was convinced "We always have, right Jojo?" Tallylu turned to Jojo "That's right Dad, we all know you can do it" Jojo helped Tallylu out.

Lucky enough, that helped Ned and he bounced right back "Well what are we waiting for? I'll have this fixed in no time" Ned grabbed his goggles and went under the machine "Hand me that dog-legged clencher" he asked one of them, Jojo then walked over, grabbed the tool and gave it to Ned "You sure you don't need any help Dad?" Jojo asked him, Ned thought about and grinned to his son "Well, I could use a helping hand" he told him, and scooted over to make room, and so both father and son began to fix the machine together.

"So Tallylu, did you have a good time in town today?" Ned asked her, still working away on his invention "I got a new book" she replied to him, but she stayed silent for a minute, thinking about something "Hey Dad, do you think I'm....well odd?" she asked him, Ned got up for a moment and looked at her "One of my daughters, odd? Where did you get an idea like that?" he pulled his goggles off and placed them on his head.

Tallylu looked down for a moment "Well, I don't know? It's just that...people talk" Ned smiled, he walked up to his daughter and took her hands in his "They talk about me too" Ned told her, both shared a smile, and soon Ned began to sing to his daughter

Ned: No, we're not odd, its true,
No fam'ly ever saner,
Except one uncle who...well, maybe let that pass,
In all you say or do,
You couldn't make it plainer,
You are your mother's daughter; therefore you are class

Tallylu: So I should just accept,
I'm simply not like them

Ned: They are the common herd,
And you should take my word,
You are unique: creme de la creme,
No matter what you do,
I'm on your side,
And if my point of view,
Is somewhat misty-eyed,
There's nothing clearer in my life,
Than what I wish and feel for you,
And that's a lot...
No matter what

Tallylu: No matter what they say,
You make me proud,
I love the funny way,
You stand out from the crowd

Ned: It's my intention my invention,
Shows the world out there one day,
Just what we've got...

Tallylu: No matter what

Ned: Now some may say all fathers just exaggerate

Tallylu: That ev'ry daughter's great?

Ned: You are!

Tallylu: And ev'ry daughter tends to say her father's tops

Ned: She pulls out all the stops
To praise him

Tallylu: And quite rightly!

Ned: No matter what the pain,
We've come this far,
I pray that you remain,
Exactly as you are,
This really is a case of father knowing best

Tallylu: And daughter too!

Ned: You're never strange

Tallylu: Don't ever change

Both: You've all I've got,
No matter what

Once the song was over, both father and daughter shared a hug, they turned back and say Jojo who was smiling, for he had heard them sang together, Jojo wasn't the only one who heard them, Sally and the rest of the daughters came down and heard them.

All of the family members stared at eachother and smiled, Ned then turned back to his invention, placed the goggles over his eyes and Jojo and him went back to work.

"I guess that's true, but there's still no one around that I can really talk to" Tallylu said, thinking on the same subject "What about that Jack Spicer? He's a kinda good looking guy?" Ned asked her, as he still tinkered his invention "He's kinda good looking alright, but he's also rude, conceited and he's full of himself" Tallylu listed the thing about Jack Spicer "Dad, he's not the right type for me" Tallylu then sat down, with her hand resting on the side of her cheek.

"Not to worry, cause this invention is gonna be a start of a new life for all of us" Ned and Jojo then stood beside them, cleaning themselves up "I think that about does it" Jojo said as he stood near is sister "Alright, let's give it a try" Ned said, he walked up to the lever and pulled on it.

Once the lever has been pulled, the invention started to run, Ned, Sally, and their children stood back and braced themselves, just in case the invention would blow up again, however nothing seemed to happened yet, the machine began whirling, soon the ax part of the machine started to chop the wood, and it sprang into the pile of wood.

"It works!" Jojo exclaimed, the girls all turned to eachother and smiled and starting cheering, Ned couldn't believe it and turned back to the machine "It does?" he then saw another wood being sprung over to the wood pile "It does!" "You did it! You really did it!" Tallylu hugged her dad, soon everyone began to join in as a family group hug.

"Sally, go and get Horton" Ned turned to his wife "I'm off to the fair!" he exclaimed as he stood proud and tall "Dad wait! Look out for the-" Jojo was about to warn him, only by that time Ned was already hit on the head by the log, which made his woozy and fell to the ground "Ooooh!" Jojo, Tallylu and the girls all said in unison and watched their father on the ground.

Later after Ned was all better, he and Horton the elephant hooked up the machine on a cart, as Horton pulled the cart, they were soon about the be on their way, Ned turned back and saw his family waving goodbye "Goodbye Daddy!" the girls called to him "Goodbye Dad, and good luck!" Tallylu shouted and waved goodbye "Goodbye now! Take care of eachother while we're gone!" Ned waed back to his family, and Horton waved his trunk goodbye to them.

And so Ned and Horton were off, they traveled through the farming fields, they traveled far off to the mountains until they came to the forest area of the land.

It took them a few hours of travel, but when night came, they soon found themselves lost in the forest, and it looked a bit dark and spooky, it made them both nervous, but they still kept on going.

"We've should have been there right now" Ned said out loud as he looked at the map "Maybe we've missed a turn?" Ned asked as he stared at Horton "Yeah, let's hope so" Horton answered, he was beginning to feel nervous and shook, Horton looked up and spotted an owl hooted at him, which made Horton shake even more "I guess we should have taken the-" they both stopped for a second "Wait a minute?" Ned muttered as he lifted up the lamp.

They stopped at a fork in the road, and spotted at a wooden post sign with different signs, but each sign was pointing in each direction, Horton looked at it for a moment before finally deciding on a direction "Let's go this way Horton" Ned stopped him and pointed the way other "That way!?" Horton shook his head and looked at the direction.

The path lead to a even darker and foggy part of the forest, Horton then turned to the other direction which lead to what look like a safer part of the forest.

"Let's see, dark and scary path? Or light and safe path?" Horton thought it though as if he was doing 'on the one hand' thinking "I stick with the safe path" Horton was about to head that way, but Ned pulled him in the other path "Come on Horton, as much as I don't like that path either, but we're going that way" Ned told him and he placed his hand on Horton's trunk "Besides, think of it as a shortcut, we'll be there in no time" Ned spoke to him calmly, as he was helping to relax his elephant friend.

And so, Ned and Horton took the dark path, both looked around and noticed this part of the forest was even scarier than before, Horton looked up and saw the full moon and the leaves dancing in the wind, Horton then looked at Ned and noticed he was a bit scared as well "Okay, okay. We'll be alright, it's like a shortcut, we'll be there soon" Horton began to mutter to himself as if he was trying to make himself feel comfortable around this situation.

"We'll be fine, nothing bad's gonna happen" Horton kept muttering to himself, when suddenly his kin sense of hearing picked something up, he heard something rushing in the forest and he could have sworn himself he heard laughing as something rushed by into the woods.

Horton stopped and looked up "Something's out there!" he exclaimed out loud "Horton, maybe we should turn around" Ned said as he looked around the area, but however Horton turned around but he began to back up "B-but there's something out there! And it's coming!" Horton began to shout "Horton, Horton, calm down!" Ned turned to him and tried to calm him down "It's coming here!" Horton was already freaking out from this situation and Ned wasn't doing any good at trying to calm him down.

As Horton back up, the cart than slammed into the tree, which awoken the bats and they flew out "Go Horton go!" Ned screamed as he tried to shoo the bats away, Horton then used his trunk to grab Ned and placed him on his back and he started running.

Ned held on tight on Horton's back as Horton zoomed through the forest, both then screamed as Horton halted himself to a stop, which they found themselves at the edge of the cliff "Back up Horton back up!" Ned shouted as Horton tried to step back and making sure he didn't fell off the cliff, a few rocks under him managed to break under his weight, but Horton managed to back up away from the cliff.

Horton turned back, trying to think where else to run to and hopefully somewhere safe "This entire forest is a house of death!" Horton shouted and began to shake and shiver some more "Steady Horton, we'll get out of here!" Ned still tried to calm him down, but it still wasn't working "I can't take it any more!" Ned looked at Horton as he was already totally freaked out "I'm getting out of here!" Horton exclaimed out loud as he stood up as if he was getting ready to run.

"Horton no!" Ned fell off of Horton as stood up, he dropped his lamp, in which with one stomp from Horton's feet, the lamp broke, and Horton already booked it, running away in a direction with Ned's invention still on the cart.

Ned moved his cloak back down, he looked around and spotted the direction where his elephant friend went off to "Horton!" Ned called out to him, but already figured Horton was already too scared and and already left him.

Ned got himself up, he picked up his hat and placed it on his head, he then spotted his lamp smashed on the ground, which he remembered before Horton ran away he smashed the lamp.

Ned looked around in his surroundings, he was all alone in this dark and scary forest and so he decided to head out and find his friend and hopefully get back and find a safe place.

To Be Continued...
Beauty and the WereGarurumon pt.2
here's part 2. So I will tell you that I will try to use some songs from the musical in this story.
Our story opens up to a small, peaceful and quiet village just almost near the country side, like the town, it was a peaceful morning, and there just away from the rest of the town, stood a house.

There, a girl walked out of the house and was heading into the village, this girl wasn't just some ordinary girl, her species were what people called a Who, she was somewhere around the age of 10 or 11, she had long red hair, brown eyes, on her right arm she had blue markings which was a birth mark, but it was covered by her sleeves of her orange dress, and her name, which was interesting as she was herself, was Tallylu.

Now Tallylu decided to head into town on this fine morning, and as she was making her way, she began to sing a little song to herself

Tallylu: Little town,
It's a quiet village,
Everyday like the one before,
Little town full of little people,
Waking up to say....

And just like that, right on cue, the town villagers woke up and began to greet eachother with a friendly 'Hello' in the chorus.

Tallylu smiled as she kept her walking pace, looking around the village, full of humans, anthro people, Muppets and many other toons she could see in the village

Tallylu: There goes the baker with his tray,
Like always,
The same old bread and rolls to sell

Every morning just the same,
Since the morning that we came,
To this poor provincial town

"Good Morning Tallylu" Mario turned to greet her "Good Morning Mario" Tallylu replied to him "Where're you off to?" he asked her as he began to load bread on the tray "Professor's lab and bookshop" Tallylu said as she picked up a book from her basket "I just finished a wonderful story, about a beanstalk and an ogre and-" "That's nice" Mario said, but he wasn't paying attention he was too busy loading more bread "Luigi! We need more bread, hurry up!" Mario shouted to his brother.

Tallylu turned with a smile and shrugged, and as she made her way to where she needed to be, she didn't noticed the glances people were giving her

Candace and Stacy: Look there she goes,
That girl is strange,
No question,
Dazed and distracted, can you tell?

Frankie: Never part of any crowd

Jasper: Cause her head's up on some clouds

Misty and Brock: No denying,
She's a funny girl that Tallylu

As Tallylu hitched her self a ride on the back of a wagon, she began to look around again and seeing people's daily routine in the town

Jake Long: Hello!

Juniper Lee: Good day!

Jake Long: How is your family?

Jessica Rabbit: Hello

Principal Skinner: Good day

Jessica Rabbit: How is your mother?

As Jessica walked off, Skinner's mother stood beside him and began to yell at him for his behavior, which lead to Skinner being embarrassed, Bart Simpson saw what happened and laughed before joining his mom

Marge Simpson: I need six eggs!

Bugs Bunny: That's too expensive!

Tallylu: There must be more than this provincial life!

Tallylu spotted her stop, she got off the wagon, and walked up to Professor Oak's lab and bookshop, as she entered the place, Prof. Oak spotted her coming in "Ah, Tallylu" he smiled and walked up to her, Tallylu smiled back "Good Morning Professor, I've come to return the book I borrowed" she handed him back the book "Finished already?" Prof. Oak turned to her with a smile.

"You know me, I couldn't put it down!" Tallylu told him, she climbed the ladder, trying to find a new book "Have you got anything new?" "Not since yesterday" Prof. Oak replied to her with a chuckle, as he returned the book back on the shelf "That's alright, I'll borrow...this one!" Tallylu pulled a blue book off the shelve and handed it to the Prof.

"That one? But you read it twice" Prof. Oak laughed "Well it's my favorite!" Tallylu replied, and she swung the ladder as it rolled on it's tracks "Far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise!" Tallylu listed the things she liked of that book which made the Prof. laugh "If you like it all that much, it's yours" he said as he handed her the book "But Professor?" "I insist!" he told as she walked out the shop "Thank you! Thank you very much!" Tallylu thanked him.

As she left the shop, she began to read the book, but she still haven't noticed anyone glancing at her

KND: Look there she goes,
That girl is so peculiar!
I wonder if she's feeling well?

Sailor Scouts: With a dreamy far-out look

Lenny, Carl, Barney and Moe: And her nose stuck in a book

All: What a puzzle to the rest of us is Tallylu

Tallylu then decided to stop near the water fountain, she sat down and continued to read her book, as a flock of Mareep came to watch her

Tallylu: Oh, Isn't this amazing?
It's my favorite part because,
You'll see....

Here's where she meets Prince Charming,
But she won't discover that it's him,
Til chapter three

As Tallylu was showing the Mareep the page, but one ripped the corners and ate it, Tallylu however just smiled a little and waved her finger at it, but continued to read the book some more as the trainer of the Mareep flock came and leading them home

Miss Piggy: Now it's no wonder that she's a beauty,
Her looks have got no parallel

Kermit the frog: But behind that fair facade,
I'm afraid she's rather odd

Very different from the rest of us

All: She's nothing like the rest of us,
Yes, different from the rest of us is Tallylu

Somewhere in the town, as a flock of geese was flying by, one was shot and began to fall, back down, a little bald boy wearing a dark full body jumpsuit and goggles, named Gizmo, he was running and opened his bag, hoping the goose would fall into it, but it missed from the other side, Gizmo just shrugged and stuffed the bird in the bag.

He ran back to another boy, he was a pale skinned boy, he had red hair, red eyes, his whole attire was mostly black and on top of his head he wore yellow and red spiral goggles, he was none other than Jack Spicer, which despite his bumbling clumsiness, he was the town's hero just from saving some people from an accident he had, and so he let the hero fame go to his head and was now known as the town's hero.

"Once again, didn't miss a shot" Gizmo told him as he walked up to him "You must be the greatest one to pull off hunting with your inventions" Gizmo looked up to him "Yeah I know" Jack smirked at his work and walked off "No beast alive would stand against you, and no girl for that matter" Gizmo said laughing, as they both walked away.

Jack however stopped and picked up Gizmo "It's true Gizmo, but I've got my eyes set on that one" he pointed in a direction, in which he pointed to Tallylu, who was reading her book and talking to Mr. Peabody and Sherman "You mean McDodd's crummy daughter?" Gizmo looked surprised "She's the one Gizmo! The lucky girl who's gonna be my future wife!" Jack told him "But she's-" Gizmo tried to tell him something but Jack dropped him "The most beautiful girl in town!" "Yes but she's-" "And I don't even care if she is a Who" Jack cut Gizmo off again.

"I know! But-!" Gizmo was cut off once again by Jack throwing his invention like rifle at him "And that makes her the best!" Jack then pulled Gizmo up by the collar "And don't I deserve the best?" "Oh course! I mean you do but-!" Jack then dropped Gizmo once again

Jack: Right from the moment when I met her,
Saw her,
I said she's gorgeous and I fell

Here in town there's only she,
Who is beautiful and good looking as me

So I'm making plans to woe,
And marry Tallylu

And so Jack walked off, as he spotted Tallylu and began to follow her, which Gizmo ran behind him, during which, Mertle Edmonds and her posse Yuki, Teresa and Elena spotted Jack Spicer walking by

Mertle, Teresa, Yuki and Elena: Look there,
He goes,
Isn't he wonderful!

Mister Jack Spicer,
He is so cool!

Be still my heart,
I'm hardly breathing

He's such a tall, dark, strong and handsome guy!

Jack Spicer then looked around the crowd, there he spotted Tallylu still having her face in her book, he tried to catch up to her but he was often bumped by the many passing townspeople, as they sang about the items, or the people they met or talking to

Tallylu: There must be more than this provincial life!

Jack: Just watch, I'm gonna make Tallylu my girl!

And soon the all of town stared at the girl walking away and joined in the chorus of the song

Townsfolk: Look there she goes,
That girl is strange,
But special,
A most peculiar girl indeed!

It's a pity and a sin,
She doesn't quite fit in

But she really is a funny girl,
A beauty but a funny girl

She really is a funny girl....

That Tallylu!

As the song finished, Tallylu looked up and turned behind her, seeing everyone was staring at her, but they went back to their business, so she simply shrugged and walked away, still reading her book.

There, Jack Spicer met up with her, he leaned against the building and smiled "Hello Tallylu" he greeted her "Hello Jack Spicer" Tallylu replied, but still kept her head in the book, however Jack then took her book out of her hands "Jack, may I have my book please" Tallylu asked him nicely "How can you even read this kind of book? There aren't any pictures" Jack flipped through the book's pages "Well some people use heir imaginations" Tallylu replied to him, crossing her arms and smirking at him.

Jack then turned to her and closed the book "Tallylu, it's about time you got your head out of those books, and pay attention to more important things" Jack then threw her book in the mud, Tallylu was about to get it but Jack stopped her "Well, like me for instance" he smiled down at her, far off the two Mertle and her gang watched then as they admired their hero.

"The whole town is talking about it" Jack said to Tallylu, as she picked up her book from the mud "It isn't right for a woman to read, soon she starts getting ideas and thinking" he paced himself as he was telling her "Jack Spicer, you are positively primeval" Tallylu spoke, as she cleaned her book "Thanks Tallylu" Jack chuckled and smiled, Tallylu just sighed as she must have figured he doesn't even know what 'primeval' means.

"Say why don't we take a walk over to the tavern" Jack then took Tallylu's book again "And take a look at my trophies" he then placed his arm around her, and was leading her in a different direction "Maybe some other time" Tallylu answered, not interesting at all, Mertle and the girls just stood there with their hands on their hips as they watched this scene "What is wrong with her?" Yuki said to the girls "She's crazy!" Teresa answered "He's so cool!" Elena said out loud "Well, she's as worse as Weridlo, right girls" Mertle pouted as she watched the scene "Yeah!" the girls answered in unison.

Tallylu stopped, she grabbed her book from Jack and removed his arm off her "Please Jack, I can't! I have to get back and help my dad" she told him "Goodbye" she was about to leave but stopped, she then her Gizmo laughing "That crazy Loony of a dad of yours! He needs all the help he can get!" Gizmo laughed, which Jack joined in "Don't talk about my dad that way!" Tallylu frowned at them, placing her hands on her hips "Yeah don't talk about her dad that way Gizmo!" Jack turned to Gizmo and bopped him on the head "My dad is not crazy, he is a genius!" Tallylu continued to glare at them, placing her book back in her basket.

When all of a sudden, there was an explosion, Tallylu turned around and saw her house with smoke coming out of the chimney and windows, Tallylu then ran back to her house, hoping nothing happened, while Jack and Gizmo both laughed at the scene.

As Tallylu ran back home, she had no idea of what will happen next to her, or her own life, as if it was about the change somehow.

To Be Continued...
Beauty and the WereGarurumon pt.1
Well everyone, here's part one. I hope you all enjoy, and I hope you like the characters I'm using. And please no rude comments.
It was a beautiful day in the land of Andalasia, showing all it's marvelous beauty, where we come to a beautiful and huge castle, there inside, the Yang dragon himself, Taiku, was showing two human children around the castle, giving them a history lesson.

The two children were a brother a sister, the sister was around somewhere 4 to 5, she had blonde hair and brown eyes, she also wore a pink dress, and her name was Thalia, while her brother was around the age of 8 to 9, he had bushing looking red hair and blue eyes, he wore a red sleeve-less shirt and blue jeans, and his name was Tobias, but he referred to be called Toby.

Now Taiku was showing Toby and Thalia around, then they came to a hallway with beautiful stain glass windows on each side, with the sun shining outside and reflecting it's light through the windows, it made the hallway sparkle with many different colors.

"Down this hallway as you see before you kids, are stain glass windows" Taiku explained as they walked down the hallway, the kids stared at the windows, amazed by the styles and designs "Each of these windows have told stories through out all of Andalasia" Taiku pointed to some of the windows "Like those stain glass windows in Canterlot?" Toby looked up to Taiku, wondering if he was right "The very same ones Tobs" Taiku smiled down at the boy and ruffled his hair, Toby looked up and fixed his hair which made Taiku smirk.

"Hey Uncle Taiku" both Taiku and Toby turned their attention to Thalia, who was standing near one of the stain glass windows "This one looks pretty" Thalia said, pointing to the window she was standing at, both Taiku and Toby turned to the window.

It was the most beautifulest one of all, it a design picture of a blooming red rose in the center, and on the bottom right side was a face silhouette of a girl, while on the other side, the upper left side, was another face silhouette but it looked like a creature, a wolf type creature, both silhouettes looked like they were at eachother lovely, as the rose in the middle bloomed and looked like it was shining.

Taiku smiled at the stain glass window design, and gave a deep sigh, Toby and Thalia looked up at him "Uncle Taiku?" both of them asked "Hm? Oh sorry, I was just thinking" he replied to them "Was it about this window?" Toby asked him "Yep, as I mentioned before, the windows tell tales, this one tells the tale of love and inner beauty" Taiku told them, continuing to stare at the window with a smile on his face.

"Inner beauty?" Thalia spoke, a bit confused, which caused Taiku to chuckle "You see Thalia, when you look at a rose, all you can see is a simple flower you give to your sweetheart, but if you look deep inside, you'll find the beauty in it, that's what you see in a rose today" Taiku placed his hand on her shoulder "In the tale behind this window, is a story about inner beauty, and it can come in many shapes, sizes and forms" Taiku continued to tell her.

Thalia looked up at the window and back at the Yang dragon "Can you tell us the story Uncle Taiku?" she beamed up at him, Taiku looked away a bit "I don't know..." "Please Uncle Taiku!" Thalia shook his hand "Yeah come on Uncle Taiku" Toby decided to help his sister "Well your parents should come any minute" Taiku told them "But they won't be here until at least a few minutes, we've got time" Toby tried to convince him "Please, please, please Uncle Taiku!" Thalia continued to beg, she even gave him the puppy dog eyes.

Taiku looked into those eyes and smiled, knowing he can never say no to that look "Oh alright" he chuckled, as he knew he was defeated "Yes!" "Alright!" the brother and sister cheered, giving eachother a high five.

"Now let's see; the story behind the Rose stain glass window...." Taiku cleared his throat, watching Toby and Thalia sitting on the ground as they began to listen to him "I guess it started a long, long time ago, before the two of you were even born" Taiku told them, beginning to tell the story.

"Once upon a time, there was once a young boy who lived in a beautiful castle just like this one" Taiku began the story "Now for a boy his age he was sure handsome, but in his heart, he was cold and unkind to others, no one knew how or why it happened, but they saw that the boy was lonely and pushed people away from him" Taiku continued, seeing both Toby and Thalia turned to eachother and back at Taiku.

"Then one winter's night, an old beggar woman came to the castle, she offered the boy a single rose in return for shelter from the bitter cold" Taiku continued his tale "The boy was repulsed by her haggard appearance, he sneered at the gift, and turned the old woman away, but she warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within" Taiku continued, he then looked at the window for a bit and turned back to the kids.

"And when he dismissed her again, the old woman's ugliness melted away, to reveal a beautiful Enchantress" Toby and Thalia leaned in, wanting to hear what happens next "The boy tried to apologized, but it was too late! For she has seen there was no love in his heart" Taiku continued, he then used one of his wings to cover him, making him a bit mysterious "And as punishment, she transformed him into a hideous creature!" Taiku then used his claws, which on the ground his shadow made him look scary, which scared both Toby and Thalia "And placed a powerful spell on the castle, and all who lived there" Taiku then placed his claws back down.

"Ashamed by his monstrous form, the creature concealed himself inside the castle, with a magic mirror, as his only window to the outside world" Taiku then turned back to the stain glass window and stared at the rose design "The rose she offered him, was truly an enchanted rose, which when it blooms is a timeline for the spell" Toby and Thalia then turned to the rose.

Taiku and the kids turned back to eachother "If he could learn to another, and earned her love in return by the time the last petal fall, then the spell will be broken, if not, he will be doomed to remain a beast for all time!" Taiku told them, which he got some reactions from the kids. "As time past, he fell into despair and lost all hope" Taiku then looked down a bit and shook his head as if adding emotion.

"For who could ever learn to love a creature....." Taiku then finished, he peeked one eye open, and stood back up.

"Oooo!" Toby and Thalia exclaimed to eachother and back to Taiku, he chuckled himself and cleared his voice again "That was a cool beginning Uncle Taiku" Toby told him "Well Tobs, more is about to come" Taiku smiled at him "What happens next Uncle Taiku?" Thalia said, as she was all excited, wanting to hear more "Patience O Small One" Taiku lifted his hands up to settle Thalia down.

Thalia and Toby settled down, looked at eachother again and back at Taiku with smiles, Taiku smiled back and began to tell them the story "Our story takes place in a small village, where our tale begins with....a girl" Taiku told them "Not just any ordinary girl, but an odd and curious girl" Taiku then looked up as if he was beginning to picture it.

Toby and Thalia turned to eachother, shrugged a bit, and closed their eyes, joining Taiku as they all began to picture what was happening in the tale.

This is where our story begins....

To Be Continued...
Beauty and the WereGarurumon prologue
well everyone, here's something I have thought of in like a week. I wanted to get this down before I forget. So anyways in this fanfic the couple you'll be seeing is Tallylu and Matt. Now I have some ask my why this couple, well I'll tell you. These two were inspired from my favorite crossover couple created by KessieLou JojoxMay.

So please enjoy this prologue, cause once I get some characters together, more chapters will come. Please no rude comments.

BTW, I do not own Taiku, he belongs to Dragonfire92379
Meanwhile, as Bloom and the fellowship were continuing on their journey, somewhere far from where they were, in a dark part of the land of Andalasia, where all the villains were, up in the darks part of the tower, there was a girl, but not just any girl, it was a Who girl, a Who girl with red hair and blue markings on her arm, that girl happened to be Tallylu.

And why may I ask why Tallylu was here, after her home world Whovillia was destroyed by the Evil One, the dragon Smaug, she was captured by him and was taken away from her home and family, and she ended up in this tower as her prison, where it was cold and dark for a tower, and the only light was only coming from the prison bared window.

Tallylu sat there on the cold floor, she also looked a bit dirty, her fur and hair were a bit messy and her hair looked like it hadn't washed or brushed in days, she was being chained up from her wrist to her ankles, watching as her only friends the mice came by her side, she fed them tiny pieces of her bread to them, it made her smile a bit.

But however there was something else that filled her heart of sadness, not just because she was captured and being held prisoner, but it was this, she was thinking of her new friends she met, Bloom and the fellowship, she enjoyed being with them, but there was one person she had missed the very most since she came to this awful place.

Tallylu than turned over to the bared window, looking up through the bars into the dark sky, she began to pray with her heart, and soon began to sing

Tallylu: Sometimes I close my eyes,
And say a pray,
That finally today will be the day

I watch the far horizon,
No-one's there,
But somewhere you are safe and on your way

As Tallylu looked up at the dark sky through the tower's prison bars, the mice watched the poor Who girl sing her sad heart out, in which the mice felt very sorry for her and shed some tears, and some looked down as they began to imagine was Tallylu is going though right now.

Tallylu looked down, she picked up some rocks and began to form two hearts that were joined together by their side's, she gave a sad sigh, Tallylu then turned over to where she saw something, she picked it up and took a look at it, it was a old harmonica, Tallylu figured it was probably from the last prisoner whom was held in this tower, and also figured he didn't last much long, just as she was going to think of her life as well.

However, Tallylu looked at that harmonica, tears were beginning to form in her eyes, and soon she began to think back of that person that traveled with Bloom, Taiku and the other fellowship, that one boy that she somehow touched his heart, and that same boy she knew will come and find her no matter what.

But it also scared her a bit, thinking of the dangers out there for that boy just to find her but she knew that he was tough and he'll find her no matter what, even if it means risking his life to see her safe...that boy...

Tallylu: Oh Matt....

Sometimes I wonder if you're still alive,
How could you survive,
Such a dangerous world out there?

Beware my love,
Take care, my love

Take care

As Tallylu sang the last note of the song, she held that old harmonica to her heart, holding her head down and began to she her tears, following with a few soft sobs "Matt..." was all she muttered as she continued to give soft sobs and her tears pouring down her face.

Tallylu, still holding that harmonica close to her, began to lay herself down on a pile of straw that was her bed, there she continued to cry to herself until she cried herself to sleep, the mice watched everything and continued to shed their tears for the poor lonely Who girl.

However, the mice weren't the only ones watching Tallylu, outside the door, two shadows watched her crying to herself "Look at her, pathetic Who girl!" one of the shadows said "I don't see why we have to keep her?" the voice said to the other "Don't worry, she could be of use to us" the other shadow said "How is that thing going to be of use to us?" the first shadow turned to the other "Because, there is something....odd about that Who girl" the other shadow began to explain.

"And I told the Masters of this brilliant plan to finish that Miracle girl and the Yang dragon once and for all, something dark, deadly and...heartbreaking" the other shadow began to tell what it was but turned back to the crying Tallylu "Besides, we have found our perfect guinea pig" the shadow gave and evil grin as it stared at Tally, and so the two shadow figures left the door and cackled evilly.

Tallylu didn't even noticed the two shadows talking by her door, even if she knew she wouldn't have cared, all she cared about was thinking of her friends, and hopping that they were all okay.

She continued to shed tears some more, Tallylu then held the harmonica up so she could see it, and so she began to see two familiar cerulean blue eyes, those same cerulean blue eyes that she knew of and somehow fell in love with, looking at her as if he was there with her.

Tallylu then pulled the harmonica to her heart again and still continued shed her tears rappidly "Matt...please save me...Matt!" Tallylu cried as she held her grip on that harmonica tightly and gave softly sobs, continuing to cry util she felt like she was safe.

But Tallylu knew, that from all this nightmare she was in, there will be a place of peace and dreams, and she knew that Matt, Bloom, Taiku and the fellowship will come and save her from this nightmare.

But there was one thing she knew, Tallylu knew that she'll never give up hope, and she will keep fighting this nightmare until the end once they come and save her....
Tallylu: Sometimes I wonder
here's something I just thought of. It's just a little tribute to the story I did, Bloom, Taiku and the Who. Well I thought of something during Bloom and the fellowship's quest, which would be Dragonfire92379's story the Neverending Story 2 with a twist, I wondered what would happened to Tallylu after Smaug captured her. Well here's is what I thought of.

I'll give you a little plot, as Bloom and the fellowship continue their journey, Tallylu was locked up, feeling lonely and afraid of this dark cruel place she was being held captive of. But there was one thing that both made her going and made her sad as well. But she knows no matter what, her new friends will save the day and come get her.

The song in this song fanfic is from the movie The Pebble and the Penguin, the reprise version of Sometimes I Wonder.

I'm thinking I might do one with Matt thinking of Tallylu, and one of them doing a duet together. Well I'll decided sooner than you think.

But keep your eyes open to somewhere around the end, that will give you a little bit detail for what's going to happen, but that'll come in the next Bloom, Taiku and the fellowship story with Tallylu.

So please enjoy, and no rude comments.


kaitlin bishop
Hey everyone! I have just thought of a new story coming soon. One of the famous stories to be heard of, 1001 Arabian Nights. Now I haven't thought of much, but I did thought of the first story within this story is all.

Anyways, what the plot is so far, is that my partner/friend Madison (aka madiquin185) and I are in the story, as slaves to a ruler, and so both Madison and I came up with an idea of telling the ruler stories until he goes to sleep and hoping to escape from him. Now within the story, Madison and myself will tell 3 stories. Which they are Aladdin, Ali Baba, and Sinbad the Sailor, each story contains the elements of Fantasy, Adventure, Danger, Mystery and Romance.

Now, this story is based on the Scooby Doo movie, Arabian Nights, half elements from that movie will be in my story. I wanted to let you all know in hand.

As far as the characters in the 3 stories go, all I came up with so far is my oc Tallylu, as Aladdin. I'm having a bit trouble trying to figure out who'll be playing Ali Baba and Sinbad. Now I don't mind some help, it would be grateful and I would mention to thank you for your help. But anyways please leave a comment to see if you all came up with good characters as Sinbad and Ali Baba, thank you.

So please, leave some comments. But no rude ones, thank you so much everyone.

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