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HHaW Moulin Rouge
part 1

(We go to an elephant on a roof singing)"There a boy, a very strange enchanted boy, they say he wandered very far, very far, over land and sea, a little shy, and sad of eye, but very wise was he, and then one day, a magic day he passed my way, and while we spoke of many things, fools and kings, this he said to me, (we go to a man, with a brown Mohawk hair, and his fur was a brown with a blue sleeveless vest (i mean after all if you were a who you would only have fur for clothing)and his name which probably you all know or you don't his name is Ned, and he went to his type writer and typed in...) the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return"

Ned:(having flashbacks while writing and narrating the story) "The Moulin Rouge, a nightclub, a dance hall and a bordello, ruled over by Harold Zidler(we see in the flashback small green who which you probably known as one of the chairman but we'll see him later), a kingdom of nighttime pleasures, where the rich and powerful came to play with the young and beautiful creatures of the underworld, the most beautiful of all these was the woman i loved, (we see a beautiful female who with red hair,orange fur and yellow stripes,and beautiful brown eyes) Sally, a courtesan, she sold her love to men, they called her "the sparkling diamond", and she was the star, of the Moulin Rouge."

(Ned stops writing and gave a little pause of silence and quiet sobs)

Ned:"The woman i loved is...(he turn his head out of his window and saw the Moulin Rouge with no lights and the windmill had stop and said in a quiet voice)dead, (he turn his head back to his type writer and typed) i first came to Whoris (Paris) one year ago"

(Now we go back one year ago and we see Ned came off on a train that was in Whodon (London) that taked him to Whoris, now we see him all clean up and amazed at the sight seeing while he went to his new home, an apartment)

Ned:"It was 1899, the summer of love, i knew nothing of the Moulin Rouge, Harold Zidler, or Sally, the world have been swept up in whohemian (bohemian) revolution with whos and animals, (animals of the jungle of Nool) and i have traveled from Whodon to be a part of it, on the hill near Whoris was the village of Montmartre, it was not like my father had said--"

Ned's Father:"A village of sin!"

Ned:"But the center of the whohemian world, musicians, painters, writers, they were known as "the children of the revolution", yes, i have come to live a penniless existence, i had come to write about beauty, truth, freedom and that which i believed in above all things love."

Ned's Father:"Always this ridiculous obsession with love."

Ned:"But there was only one problem-- i'd never been in love, luckily right at that moment an unconscious vulture fell through my roof." (a vulture named Vlad fell through Ned's roof with a load crash and a shout)

Vlad:(in an unconscious voice)"Sorry bro."

Ned:"He was quickly joined by a elephant dressed as an nun."(if you seen the movie or the trailer he uses his ears to make hats out of them)

Horton:(the door slams open)"How do you do, my name is Henri Marie Raymond Horton Toulouse-Lautrec Monfa but you can call me Horton for shout."


Horton:"I'm terribly sorry about all this, we were just upstairs rehearsing a play."

Ned:"What?(back to narrating)'a play' something very modern called "Spectacular Spectacular"."

Horton:"Yes and it's set in Whoitzerland (Switzerland)."

Ned:"Unfortunately, the unconscious vulture suffered from a sickness called narcolerepsy."

Horton:"Perfectly fine for one moment, then suddenly--(snores)unconscious the next."

(Suddenly two whos a tall man that almost looked like a woman (i think) and a small boy with gray and black stripes and a small blue mouse pocks their heads through the hole)

Audrey:"How is he? Well wonderful now the narcolerptic vulture is now unconscious therefore, the scenario will not be finished in time to present to the financier tomorrow."

Jojo:"He's right, Horton, i still have to finish the music."

Horton:"Find someone to read the part."

Audrey:"Now where in heaven's name are we going to find someone to read the role of a young sensitive Whoiss (Swiss)/poet goatherder?"

Ned:"Before i knew it, i was upstairs, standing in for the unconscious vulture."

(Upstairs things went well a little hectic a bit, okay make it more hectic)

Horton(singing)"The hills animate with euphonious symphonies of descant Ha, ha, ha-ha-ha."

Audrey:"Stop stop stop stop, Jojo stop that insufferable droning, it's droning out my words, can we please just stick to a little decorative piano?"

Jojo:"Sorry Audrey, but i'm doing the best i can."

Horton:"Hey Audrey, lay off the poor kid, his in alot trouble ever since what happen to his family."

(when Ned heard their conversation and saw Jojo put his head down in sadness for a sec, he knew that Jojo was an orphan)

Ned:"There seemed to be artistic differences over Audrey's lyrics to Jojo's songs."

Morton:"I don't think a nun would say that about a hill."

Jojo:"What if he sings "The hills are vital, intoning the descant"?"

Horton:"No no the hills quake and shake."

Morton:"No no no no no, the hills--"

Vlad:"The hills are incarnate with symphonic melodies!"

(everyone looks at him then he went back to be unconscious)


Ned:"No, the hills--"

Horton:"The hills--"

Ned:"The hills--"

Morton:"Are chanting the eternal mantra."

Ned:"The hills are a--"

(Horton,Morton,Jojo jabbering about the lyrics)

Ned:"The hills are a--"

(everyone still jabbering, Ned Burst out into the song with a different lyrics)

Ned(singing):"The hills are alive, with the sound of music."

(everyone stops and held a silent pause, until Vlad woke up from his unconscious again when he heard Ned sing)

Vlad:"Whoa! "The hills are alive with the sound of music" i love it."

Jojo:"Come on lets try it out."

(Horton, Morton, Jojo starts to sing to make sure that the lyrics would sound perfect in the song)

Morton(singing):"The hills are alive..."

Horton(singing):"With the sound..."

Jojo(singing):"Of music."

(Audrey being surprised)

Jojo:"It fits perfectly, can you try to sing some more mister?"

Ned(singing):"With songs that were sung, for a thousand years."

(Horton, Morton, and Vlad still surprised and shocked)

Horton:"Incandiferous!, Audrey you two should write the show together."

Audrey:"I beg your pardon?"

Ned:"But Horton's suggestion that Audrey and i write the show together, was not what Audrey wanted to hear."


(the door slams)

To Be Continued...



Well it's Christmas everyone, and I wanted to give a shout out to everyone. Everyone getting together with friends and family and enjoying this special holiday. I know that my family and I are getting together, and watching a few Christmas movies, and one of them being the ever popular movie with Bill Murrey Scrooged. So I hope everyone has great plans of their own. 

Have a Merry Christmas everyone! And a Happy New Year!
At the Friendship Rainbow Castle, Taiky and the gang were laughing, having a time and were getting ready to sing another Christmas carol, that was until Taiku noticed something on the ground, he flew over and saw it was a package.

He picked it up and took a good look at it, he then looked at the letter attached to it and gave a smirk and laughed "What is it Taiku?" Dragonfire walked over to his dragon icon "Oh nothing" Taiku still smirked and walked over to the gang "What do you have there Taiku?" Lita asked him "Just something for Matt" he replied to the Jupiter Sailor Scout, everyone had their attention to Taiku, last one was Matt to look up.

"Looks like you got yourself a Christmas package Matt" Taiku tossed the packed to the bearer of Friendship, Matt caught it and carefully looked at the neatly wrapped package, Taiku then walked over and held the letter out to him "And the letter is scented" he said as he wiggled his eyebrows up and down "Let me see that!" Matt grabbed the letter and opened it up.

Everyone watched as he read the letter, as he kept reading they all noticed that his cheeks were turning redder and redder "So, who is it from Matt?" Brock asked him "No one!" Matt replied, closing the letter and trying to keep it save by his side "You sure, it must have been from someone?" Sonic said, as he tried to get a good glimpse of the hidden letter "I told you it's no one" Matt said again, turning to his other side "Than how come your face is red?" Mina giggled, Matt turned away, trying to hide his scarlet red face.

Taiku walked up to the group "Oh I know who it's from" he told them, which everyone turned to the dragon, Taiku then leaned towards Matt with a smirk on his face "I'm guessing it came from a girl, a certain girl with long red hair? Beautiful sparkling brown eyes?" Taiku leaned forward and batted his eyes in the gesture, which made Matt's face turn even more redder "And has a unique blue birthmark?" Taiku continued, smiling as he knew he was just about to make Matt spill, which he manged to do so "Okay, you caught me, it's from Tallylu" Matt turned back to the others and smiled, showing everyone the letter.

As the Digidestineds gather around, some of the others looked a bit confused, including Tai and Kari "Who's Tallylu?" Ash was the first of the others to ask, the others looked back and figured that they didn't know, and that Tai and Kari never met her "She's a girl, we all know" Matt replied to him "Not just a girl, but a Who girl" Dragonfire added, walking up to the others "You mean an actually Who girl?" Raye repeated, which everyone seemed a bit shocked to hear.

"Yep, a very same one, and well those two have some sort of....well kinda history connection I could say" Dragonfire said, as he turned back to the others gathering around to read the letter "Matt, you sly dog you" Tai smirked at his friend, playfully punched his arm "Personally, I still don't see it" "Me either" Dragonfire and Taiku both nodded a bit "Oh Taikey" Alice smirked and nodded her head, which Taiku looked confused "What? Was it something I said?" he looked really confused "Well I think it's sounds sweet" Ami said as she and Ash both walked over to the group.

"So what did Tallylu write Matt?" TK sat beside him, wanting to look at the letter, Matt then held the letter, everyone gather around so they can see "She's just wishing me a Merry Christmas, hoping I'm doing okay, and she's wishing everyone a Merry Christmas" he looked up and read what Tallylu wrote "And that we should keep our eyes open on the Grinch, just in case" Matt added, looking back up and everyone looked a bit amazed "Okay how did she do that?" JusSonic took a good look at the letter "How did she know the Grinch was here?" Spike read the letter as well "Does she have this weird Sixth Sense thing?" KingHuffman asked, doing this weird shaky hand gesture.

Dragonfire, who looked at the letter, chuckled a bit and turned back to everyone "No Ry, it's not that, it's that she's a Who" he told her "We know she's a Who" KingHuffman replied, but Dragonfire still chuckled "No no, that's not what I mean" he shook his head and gave the letter back to Matt "As you know it's Christmas, and Tallylu is a Who, and from what we all know is that from their toes to their snout, Whos love Christmas the most, not a single who doubt" Dragonfire explained to everyone about the whole Christmas Holiday and Whos, which everyone nodded and gave a "Oh..." expression "Well, we're keeping our eyes out for that Grinch" Ash told them, which everyone nodded in agreement "Pika" Pikachu said, agreeing with his Pokemon trainer.

Sora then noticed the package Matt still held, it was small, but it was nicely wrapped "Wonder what she gave you Matt?" Sora looked at the small gift, Matt held it up "Sure is small" Twilight smiled a bit and examined the gift "But she does have a good eye in wrapping" Rarity added, examining the wrapping paper.

Matt then removed the wrapping paper, revealing a small box, he opened it and inside it was a small case "She got you a case?" Ben looked at the gift, Matt held the case but realized what it's for "A case...for my harmonica" Matt then brought out his harmonica, then placed it in the case and held it tightly "That I have to say is a wonderful gift" they all turned to Taiku "What do you mean Taiku?" Mimi asked him, Taiku walking up and taking a good look at that case "I mean is that Tallylu gave Matt something from the bottom of her heart" he answered, and saw the smile on Matt's face "And a gift like that should be thanked for" Taiku added, actually hinting an idea to the bearer of Friendship.

Matt held the case tightly in his hands, he got up and placed it in his pocket "I wish I could give her something back?" Matt muttered to himself "What about that necklace you bought?" Joe asked him, Matt looked up, he then reached deep into his other pocket and pulled out a golden chain with a golden treble clef pendant "This necklace? I'm thinking about it, but I don't know if she go for jewelry?" Matt looked that the pendant in his hand a bit "I think you should, I mean looking at that case, Tallylu thought of you in the heart, so go for it" Taiku told him, smiling a bit "Maybe, but I still don't know, I mean, it's just a bit big don't you think?" Matt looked back at the treble clef pendant "I think Tallylu will love either gift you gave her Matt, as long as it comes from the heart" Kari looked up at her brother's friend and gave him her gentle smile.

"Why don't you give her something small, something she would like?" Fluttershy walked up to Matt, which got him to smile a bit "You're right, and I know just what" Matt then ran off, with TK, Kari and Sora behind him "Spoken by the true words of the Element of Kindness" Dragonfire smiled at Fluttershy, who in which she smiled back shyly, and as she smiled she made a squeak sound.

As soon as Matt, Sora, TK and Kari came back, Matt held something, it was Tallylu's gift, it didn't take him long to wrap it up, only took around 3 minutes, but he then held a box in his hands "I think that should do it" he examined the box "One moment, how about adding something else, say a picture" JusSonic said, holding a camera "Great idea! Come everyone get together" Dragonfire told them, which everyone looked up "That's right, everyone in the photo!" Dragonfire waved his arms over to everyone.

Everyone then huddled up, Taiku then set the timer then joined in the was rest, and once the photo was taken, everyone began to sign the photo card, wishing a Merry Christmas on it.

And so, after it was all taken care of, Rainbow Dash volunteer to deliver the gift "You sure you can find her Rainbow Dash?" Dragonfire asked the Pegasus "Positive, I know who to look for, a Who girl with red hair" Rainbow Dash waved her hoof up "Now I hear that she's traveling in a group, traveling with Horton the elephant, find him, you find her" Taiku told her "Once you find her, be back as soon as you can" Alice walked up to the two and smiled "No Sweat, I'll be there and back before you can say Mele Kalikimaka" Rainbow Dash replied, and then in a flash flew off.

As Rainbow Dash flew, she searched through different parts of Andalasia, hoping to find her, she then spotted a familiar elephant and stopped "Hey Horton" she called out to him "Yes, you called?" Horton looked up "You know this Tallylu right? Well, can you give this to her, it's a very special gift" Rainbow Dash handed him the gift, he took it with his trunk "Can do, Merry Christmas" Horton said to her "Merry Christmas" Rainbow replied and once again zoomed off back to the castle.

Not to far away, another group was having a small Christmas, this group was so happens to be a small group formed by Tallylu, as some were decorating the tree they found, Tallylu herself was helping as well, along with her is another friend she encountered and asked to join her little group, she had shoulder length black hair, it was Hotaru.

As both girls decided to sit down for a moment, Horton came by "Hey Tallylu, you got yourself a Christmas gift" Horton told her, handing her the gift "Who could have given me a gift?" Tallylu wondered, she then noticed the card, she then smiled as she saw it was a photo of some very special friends she encountered before.

"Who's it from Tallylu?" Hotaru asked her, Tallylu turned back and continued to smile "Just...some very special friends is all" she replied, handing the photo card to Hotaru to look at, Hotaru then spotted her friends as well "Rini..." she smiled as she saw the familiar pink haired little girl, Tallylu looked at Hotaru and smiled "We'll see her, and the others I just know it" Tallylu placed her hand on Hotaru's shoulder, both girls sharing a smile.

Tallylu then looked at the box in her lap "So, what did you get?" Hotaru looked at the box "I don't know, but I'm going to" Tallylu replied, holding the box in her hands.

She then removed the lid off, and was shocked to what she found, it was a beautiful red rose, she then smiled and closed her eyes "It's beautiful" she whispered, just then Tallylu spotted something beside the rose, she saw a small note and began to read it, what the note said was....


I know Matt gave you his Christmas gift, and that's okay. You see he was also planning to give you this. But he was a bit concern, he didn't want to go all out and got you something big. He just knew what he wanted to get you in his heart. Now you now I still don't see it, but one day maybe you two will change my mind. For one thing, you make Matt happy. Something that I, nor TK, nor anyone around can see him that happy.

Merry Christmas!

Tallylu smiled as she read the whole note, and nodded a bit, but then she saw it was a necklace, the same necklace with the golden chain and treble clef pendant, it turned out that Taiku took the necklace without Matt even knowing and placed it in the box as everyone was still signing the photo card.

Tallylu smiled as she looked at the necklace, she then placed it around her neck, and held the pendant carefully in her hand "Oh Taiku" she whispered softly and held her head down and closed her eyes.

Then Tallylu then began to walk away to be on her own, Hotaru watched this and smiled at her friend, Horton then stood by her and both he and Hotaru looked at eachother, smiled and turned back to watch Tallylu.

Tallylu then stood in her place, and looked up at the dark sky, seeing one shinning star, she then smiled and still held onto the treble clef pendant.

Meanwhile back at the castle, Matt was out on the balcony, he was also looking at the night sky, and he too saw the shinning star, somehow he knew that Tallylu was looking at that same star was well, Matt stayed there for a while and smiled a bit, feeling the night winter breeze.

So then, Matt brought out his case, opened it up and held his harmonica, he brought the instrument to his lips and began to play a few notes, before looking back up at the sky to stare at the star and soon began to sing a special song

Matt: Children sleeping,
Snow is softly falling,
Dreams are calling,
Like bells in the distance

Back with Tallylu she still stared at the star, and as if she somehow knew, she then began to sing as well

Tallylu: We were dreamers,
Not so long ago,
But one by one we,
All had to grow up

Matt stood on the balcony, still feeling the winter breeze, but this time, he closed his eyes as if he could actually hear Tallylu's singing

Matt: When it seems the magics slipped away

Tallylu: We find it all again on Christmas Day

Both: Believe in what your heart is saying,
Hear the melody that's playing

Matt: There's no time to waste

Tallylu: There's so much to celebrate

Both: Believe in what you feel inside,
And give your dreams the wings to fly

Matt: You have everything you need

Both: If you just believe

What Matt didn't know was that all his friends were watching him on the inside and smiled as he sang to the night, in fact with Tallylu, her small group was watching her two, both groups smiled as they watched the boy and girl sing

Matt: Trains move quickly,
To their journey's end

Tallylu: Destinations,
Are where we begin again

Matt: Ships go sailing,
Far across the sea

Tallylu: Trusting starlight,
To get where they need to be

Matt: When it seems that we have lost our way

Tallylu: We find ourselves again on Christmas Day

Both: Believe in what your heart is saying,
Hear the melody that's playing

Matt: There's no time to waste

Tallylu: There's so much to celebrate

Both: Believe in what you feel inside,
And give your dreams the wings to fly

You have everything you need

If you just believe

Matt: If you just believe

Tallylu: If you just believe

Matt: If you just believe

Tallylu: Just believe

Both: Just believe

Taiku watched Matt looking at the sky and finished singing the song, he smiled, he than thought back in the note he wrote and his smile began to grow, Alice stood beside him and smiled as well, as Taiku placed his arm around her.

Everyone from the inside smiled as Matt finished the song, in fact during which, as they closed their eyes, they would imagine they would all hear the singing coming from Tallylu.

Tallylu continued to stare at the star some more, still holding onto that pendant "Merry Christmas Matt" she whispered softly, closing her eyes and felt the winter breeze.

Matt smiled at the star, then turned back to the case "Merry Christmas Tallylu" he whispered, as if somehow he had heard her voice in the winter's wind.

So they didn't have to worry about one another, somehow they knew they would run into eachother again, not right away, but someday when it comes, but for now, they were spending the holidays with their friends.
A Christmas Gift
I just wanted to do something special is all, so I decided to give Dragonfire29379 a early Christmas gift is all.

Now I know I'm using this couple again, and I probably figured people are thinking and all, but hey it's my own opinion and all, and I respect it and I also respect others opinion as well, I won't judge or anything.

Anyways, wahat's happening in this scene is kind of off the screen thing, happening somewhere in Dragonfire's Taiku's Christmas Dragon-tacular.

And I'm probably giving a bit of a spoiler of some sort, but if anyone recalls my Bloom, Taiku and the Who story, well I'm thinking of doing more as well, wondering what would happen to Tallylu while Bloom and the fellowship were on their journey and all, they will meet again that's for sure. But right now I'm just pointing out that Tallylu will have her own team is all.

so anyways hope you all enjoy, please no rude comments

And Dragonfire have a Merry Christmas dude!
As we last left off Tallylu, she and Horton had just came to the castle and were making their way up to the doors, as that was happening, somewhere inside the castle Courtney was lecturing on to Sokka about the events that happened before, while Noah just stood there and tried to read his book, as if he didn't care.

"Couldn't keep quiet could we? Just had to invite him to stay!" Courtney paced, or hopped, around Sokka, as he sat down "I could give you a list of all the stupidest things you've ever done Sokka!" Courtney kept lecturing on and on "I rather hear an earful from my sister" Sokka rolled his eyes "Courtney, have it occurred to you that Sokka was just trying to be hospitable?" Noah replied, still having his attention to his book.

"And had it occurred to you that you're not lecturing him?" Courtney hopped over to the raven, Noah lifted his head up and had a board look on his face "Why should I?" "You are the Second Head of the House, I think you should be more responsible than perching around reading your books!" Courtney then hopped away, Sokka then leaned over to Noah "No wonder Duncan cheated on her with Gwen" he mumbled in a whisper to Noah "What did you say!?" Courtney whipped her head around and gave them a glare "Nothing" both Sokka and Noah replied and acted like nothing happened.

Meanwhile back with Tallylu and Horton, Tallylu had just opened the doors and both she and Horton walked in "Hello? Is anyone here?" Tallylu called out, she didn't hear any reply "Tallylu I think we should split up, I mean you father could be anywhere in this place?" Horton told her, Tallylu smiled and patted his trunk "Good idea Horton, look you helped me to get here, I'll look for him inside, you can try to check around here as well" she told him as she pointed in directions "If not, try to check the outsides, like the gardens or stables, he might take shelter there, I hope" Tallylu added, then began to walk in a direction "You sure you can manage?" Horton said to her "Hey, if I'm not back to get you, try to search for me" Tallylu chuckled a bit and walked up the stairs.

Once Horton agreed with the plan, he began to search on his own as well, once Tallylu was up the stairs, she checked everyone, calling out for her father "Hello! Dad? Dad, are you here?" she kept calling out to him, hoping to find him in a castle as big as this.

As that was happening, somewhere in the castle, possible in the kitchen area, Alice and Sunset were helping was the dishes as Taiku was rambling on "He shouldn't have done that!" Taiku mumbled as he paced around "Taiky, don't blame him" Alice turned to the dragon "Still, we had our very first guest in a long time, and what does he do? He sends him to the tower!" Taiku still paced around again "He was just upset" Sunset said, as she used her unicorn magic to stack the dishes away "He's always upset, and stubborn!" Taiku then stopped in his place and sat down for a second, Alice then walked over to him "I'm just worried about him is all" Taiku sighed and looked at Alice as she placed her hand on his shoulder.

Gru and Lucy were there in the kitchen as well, but they were busy setting up a bath for their daughters, and right on cue, Margo, Edith and Agnes came running to them "You guys are not gonna believe what we say!" Edith arrived first, then Margo second and Agnes third "We saw a girl in the castle!" Agnes added and jumped around "Edith, what did we tell you about making wild stories to your sister?" Lucy looked sternly at the pink kitten "No no Lucy, it's true, we all saw a girl" Margo tried to tell her "Not another word girls, time for you bath" Gru told them, but before they could try to convince them, Gru used his unicorn magic to lift the kittens up and placed them in the bath.

"You guys aren't gonna believe what Suki and I saw!" TK said as he flew into the kitchen with Suki following him, then everyone in the kitchen turn their attention to them "We both saw a girl in the castle!" Suki announced what she and TK saw "A girl!" "A girl!" both Alice and Taiku gasped and turned to eachother "A girl!?" Gru, Lucy and Sunset gasped, then Agnes popped her head out of the bath "See, we told ya" Agnes chuckled at the grown ups expressions.

Back with Courtney, Sokka and Noah, Courtney just stood there and thumped her foot "I still can't believe you can be irresponsible!" "Listen Courtney, I know I should have plan things through, but that Who man was our only guest" Sokka tried to get through to the hare "Plus you have to think what's going on with all of us" Sokka told her, which Courtney calmed down a bit "Listen, I heard from Aang that everyone around here is loosing their humanity" Sokka began to tell her "Yeah, I heard the exact same from Bridgette, everyone is beginning to act more and more like animals" Courtney was all calm now, and decided to change the subject.

The three animals were silent as they began to talk about the rumors, they heard that most of them around have began to act more like animals than their original selves.

"But still if he doesn't break the spell, we'll all become real animals for sure" Courtney hopped over to the Noah and Sokka "We definitely need a miracle" Sokka said out loud "Hate to burst your bubble, but it's not like a miracle could walk by here any second" Noah said a bit cynically, as he turned the page of the book with his beak.

"Dad?" Sokka, Noah and Courtney heard a voice and froze up for a second, they turned their attention to the hallway, where they spotted Tallylu walked pass by "Until now" Noah couldn't believe it "Did you see that?" Sokka turned to Courtney, and headed for the doorway.

The three animals placed themselves at the door way and looked over, they were sure enough they weren't imagining it, they all saw Tallylu walking by.

"It's a girl!" Sokka exclaimed as he watched her walking down the hall "I'm not blind, I know it's a girl" Courtney crossed her arms "If you two look closely, it's a Who girl" Noah told them as he stood beside Courtney "She's the one!" both Courtney and Noah turned to Sokka, and saw the expression on his face "Don't you two get it, she's the one, the girls we've been waiting for!" Sokka explain to them and began to sat up "She's come to break the spell!" he then began to follow behind "Wait a minute, Sokka!" Courtney tried to stopped him "Come on, let's go!" Noah, rolled his eyes and flew over and perched on Sokka's back, Courtney just groaned and hopped allow behind Sokka.

The three animals kept their paces behind Tallylu, as she was still searching around the castle "Dad?" she called out again, Sokka, Courtney and Noah then stopped near the door, Sokka knew somehow it was the right door and managed to open it, and all went inside "Dad?" Tallylu turned around and saw the door was open.

Tallylu walked over to the door, and opened it more, there she saw a spiral stair way leading towards somewhere, then she began to hear something that sounded like panting "Hello, is someone here?" she called out but didn't hear an answer "Wait, I'm looking for my father!" Tallylu then ran over and followed the sound up the stairway, Courtney and Noah had hid themselves behind the door and began to watch Tallylu making her way up "What is he doing!?" Courtney whispered to Noah, who just shrugged.

Tallylu kept following the sound up the stairs, and once she got up to the place, she looked around and noticed she must have been in the tower, however she didn't see any life form around the room "That's funny? I'm sure there was someone here" she said to herself and looked around the area again, what she didn't know was Sokka was behind the pillar and watched her.

"Is anyone here?" she called out, until she heard a familiar voice coming from the tower's dungeon "Tallylu?" the voice answered "Dad!" Tallylu ran to the door, she grabbed the torch and bent down to see her Dad, there he stuck his hand out to hers and held it tightly.

"How did you find me?" Ned asked her, and shivered a bit "You hands are cold as ice" Tallylu felt the cold hands of her father, as he cough in the other, Tallylu knew that her father must have gotten a cold in that cold dungeon "I have to get you out of here somehow" Tallylu looked at the door, trying to think of a way.

But Ned knew his daughter shouldn't have come "Tallylu, I want you to leave this place!" he ordered her to go "Who's done this to you?" Tallylu wasn't gonna leave until she knew who is behind all this "No time to explain!" Ned still held onto his daughter's hand tightly and turned to look straight in her eyes "You must go, now!" he kept ordering her to leave "I won't leave you!" Tallylu nodded, still determined to stay be his side.

That was until she felt something grabbing onto her shoulder "What are you doing here!?" a voice boomed, as it pulled her away from her father "Run Tallylu!" Ned screamed at his daughter, however Tallylu stayed in her place, the torch she held was now put out by the puddle, she looked around and saw nothing but darkness, besides the light shining down from the ceiling.

"Who's there? Who are you?" Tallylu called out to however was in the room with her, she looked around until she spotted a shadow in the darkness, the only thing she saw were his cold blue eyes, it was the WereGarurumon.

"The master of this castle" he replied to her with a growl in his voice and moved int the darkness more "I've come for my father! Please let him out!" Tallylu looked over to were the shadow moved to "Can't you see he's sick?" "Then he shouldn't have trespassed here!" The WereGarurumon yelled from the shadows "But he could die! Please I'll do anything!" Tallylu began to beg for something "There's nothing you can do, he's my prisoner!" the WereGarurumon moved away and was about to exit.

"There must be something I could...." Tallylu had to think of something, until she thought of one solution "Wait!" she stopped him, the shadow looked back at her, Tallylu took a deep breath and stepped into the light "Take me instead!" she insisted on her request "You!? You would...take his place?" the WereGarurumon turned a bit, thinking of her request.

Ned however wasn't going to allow this "Tallylu no! You don't know what you're doing!" Ned tried to warn her, trying so hard to change her decision, but Tallylu already decided "If I did, would you let him go?" Tallylu spoke to the shadow "Yes, must promise to stay here forever" the WereGarurumon added to the deal, Tallylu however looked down and up at the shadow "Come into the light, I want to see who I'm dealing with?" she asked him to step forward before she could make the deal.

Slowly the shadow figure stepped into the light, Tallylu's eyes widen as each step the shadow form became clear in the light, the last thing that came into the light was the head, the WereGarurumon looked down at her, Tallylu stood back and gasped, what she was making a deal with was a Digimon, a WereGarurumon!

Tallylu then turned back to her father "No Tallylu! I won't let you do this!" Ned held her arms, Tallylu however looked back and walked over into the light, she stood in front of the WereGarurumon "You have my word" she made her decision "Done!" the WereGarurumon ran passed her and opened the dungeon door.

Tallylu then sank to her knees, thinking over to what she'd done, Ned then ran to his daughter's side and took her shoulders to look at him "Tallylu you don't have to do this! I'm old I've lived my life!" Ned tried to convinced her to change her decision, but then the WereGarurumon walked by and grabbed Ned by the collar, dragging him away "Wait!" Tallylu watched what happen in front of her "Tallylu!" Ned tried to reach his daughter but couldn't "Wait!" Tallylu tried to stopped, but she was too petrified to move from the ground.

The WereGarurumon dragged Ned outside of the castle, to a carriage with a horses pulling it, once the horses saw the WereGarurumon they stood at attention "Please spare my daughter! Please!" Ned begged at the wolf Digimon to reconsider "She is no longer your concern!" the WereGarurumon then pushed Ned into the carriage, then turned to the horses "Take him to the village" he ordered them where to go.

The horses neighed and began their way as their master order "Let me out! Please let me out! Please!" Ned tried to get out of the carriage, but it was too late, the carriage have already took off, and there wasn't anything Ned could do for his daughter now.

Up in the tower, Tallylu had just watched the horses and carriage took off with her father inside, she then began to cry in her arms after she saw what had happen.

As the WereGarurumon walked back up to the tower he then heard someone "Um, Matt?" "What?" he turned down to see Sokka sitting next to him "I know it's not my business" Sokka began to go on with his suggestion "Since the girl is gonna be staying here with us, I was thinking it would be nice to give her a well...more comfortable room?" Sokka finished and looked up, the WereGarurumon then growled at him and left, leaving Sokka sitting there a bit frighten "Than again, maybe not" Sokka said with a little fright.

The WereGarurumon then walked in and found Tallylu on the ground crying "You didn't even let me say goodbye! I'll never see him again!" Tallylu cried more in her hands "I didn't get to say goodbye!" the WereGarurumon looked at her, he felt a bit guilt he did that, but decided on one thing "I'll show you to your room" he told her and walked over to the door "My room? But I thought...?" Tallylu looked up and saw the wolf Digimon waiting for her "What, you want to stay in the tower?" he looked at her "No" "Then follow me!" he left the room, waiting for her, Tallylu got up and began to follow him.

The WereGarurumon then began to show Tallylu to her new room, with him Sokka was by his side, Tallylu in the back a few feet away from him, as they continue down the hallway of the castle, Tallylu looked around, seeing the statures of demons and dragons, they had this dark a scary look that made it a bit creepy and scary, Tallylu stopped, looked around and gasped as she returned to follow behind the WereGarurumon.

The WereGarurumon looked behind him and saw she was shedding a few tears, Sokka walked beside him and watched him looking back at Tallylu "Say something to her" he whispered to him to talk to her, the WereGarurumon then turned back to Tallylu "I...I hope you like it here" he said to her a bit calmer in his voice tone, Sokka looked up at him and gestured him to keep going.

"The castle is your home now, so you can go anywhere you want" the WereGarurumon told her "Except the West Wing" he added to where not to go "What's in the West-" before Tallylu could ask the WereGarurumon stopped her "It's forbidden!" he growled, both stopped for a few moments until they continued on.

They soon stopped at a room, the WereGarurumon opened it and allowed Tallylu to enter her new room "If you need anything, my friends and servants will attend you" he explained that if she needed anything "They already attended your elephant friend to the stables" he added, which Tallylu looked away as she forget about Horton.

Sokka then nudged the wolf Digimon, which he turned around and bent down to his height on the ground "Dinner, invite her to dinner" Sokka whispered to him again, instructing him what to do until then.

The WereGarurumon sighed a bit and turned back to Tallylu "You will join me for dinner, that's not a request!" he growled at her, excepting for her to show for dinner, then slammed the door, Tallylu turned to the door, but turned back and finally ran to the bed.

There she began to cry her eyes out more, thinking what she had done, all this to save her father, and now she was being held captive in a castle with a WereGarurumon, all she knew that she had lost everything, her father, her freedom, everything.

As she cried on her bed, outside the weather had finally changed and began to snow outside, snowing hard as it fallen down from the sky. To Be Continued...
Meanwhile back at the village, outside of Tallylu's house, Gizmo and Jack Spicer kept their eyes on that house, Jack Spicer look like he cleaned himself up pretty good, his hair was combed back and he wore a fancy suit, and he had a surprise in store for Tallylu.

"Boy, Little Miss Smarty Who is gonna get the surprise of her life!" Gizmo chuckled as they stared at the house "Yep, this is her lucky day" Jack replied then walked off, which in result a branch that Jack was holding to swung back and hit Gizmo, he then got up, angerly grumbling something and followed behind Jack.

There all the town's folk gathered around at some gathering, or a celebration, it turns out the surprised was for Tallylu, and it was more like a betrothal celebration, Jack Spicer was going to try and betroth to Tallylu.

Jack Spicer then walked over and cleared his throat, which everyone had their attention on him "I like to thank everyone for coming to this celebration" he gave his thanks to the town "But first I gotta go in, and ask my betrothal" Jack chuckled to himself, which soon a couple of men joined in as they figure Tallylu didn't even know it yet, while Mertle and her posse only glared at the scene and decided to head somewhere else that was better than the celebration.

Jack then turned to Gizmo and poked him on the nose "No listen Gizmo," Jack began to give out instructions to him "When Tallylu and I come out that door-" "Yeah yeah I know, I strike up the band" Gizmo then turned to the band and began to conduct, which the band began to play 'Here comes the bride', Jack placed his hands to his ears, he spotted a baritone horn, picked it up and slammed it onto Gizmo "Not yet!" Jack glared and him "Sorry!" Gizmo said from inside the horn and tried to get himself out.

Inside the house, Tallylu was all by herself, her mother and sisters went out to buy some food, while Jojo went with them, and so Tallylu was in charge of the house, she was just sitting near the table, reading her book, until she heard someone knocking on the door.

She got up and walked over, checking who it was from the little device, checking to see if it was her mother and siblings, only to see Jack grinning at the door, Tallylu groaned and pulled the device up 'What does he want' she thought to herself until the door swung open.

"Jack Spicer, what a pleasant surprise" Tallylu greeted him as he came into her home "Isn't it though, I'm just full of surprises" Jack smiled at her and leaned against a dresser "You know Tallylu, there's not a girl in town who wouldn't love to be in your shoes" Jack then looked down, stared at her feet and remembered she was a Who "If you wore shoes, anyways this is the day..." Jack then turned to the vanity mirror, checked his teeth, and turned back to her.

"This is the day your dreams come true" he kept follow her until they reached the table "And what do you know about my dreams Jack?" Tallylu raised her brown, and placed her hands on her hips "Plenty, duh!" Jack exclaimed, as he was stating an obvious "Here; picture the future..." Jack began, and sat down in the chair.

He then placed his feet on the table, which was also on Tallylu's book, and the book's pages were covered from mud and dirt from Jack's boots "A rusting cutting lodge, my greatest inventions upon every shelf, my latest kill roasting on the fire" Jack began to detail what he saw in the future, and soon took off his boots "And my little wife massaging my feet" Jack smiled up at her, however Tallylu looked a bit disgusted and held her nose with her hand.

"While the little ones are on the floor playing with the dogs, we'll have six or seven" Jack then shot up from the chair "Dogs? I don't mind a pet or two, but six or seven?" Tallylu asked, a bit confused, and picked up her book and cleaned the pages with her apron, which caused Jack to chuckle "No no Tallylu, I'm talking about smart and strapping young boys like me" he smiled in pride at himself "Imagine that" Tallylu said sarcastically, and walked over to the book self.

"And do you know who that wife would be?" Jack walked over to her "Let me think?" Tallylu replied, as she placed her book back on the shelf, and had a disturbing look on her face, as she can already guess who it was "You Tallylu!" Jack announced, he the down on one knee and took Tallylu's hand, as if he really was proposing to her "Tallylu would you be my betrothed?" Jack asked her, he was about to kiss her hand but she took her hand away.

"Jack Spicer....I'm....I'm well...speechless" Tallylu headed over to the door, and smiled at him innocently "I really don't know what to say?" she watched him making his way over to her "Say you'll be mine" Jack then placed his hands on the door "I'm very sorry Jack, but...but..." Tallylu's hand was guiding itself to the doorknob.

Once she felt the doorknob, she turned it, she watched as Jack closed his eyes and was leaning towards her to kiss her "I just don't deserve you" she told him, and swung the door open, and watched as Jack leaned forward outside, Tallylu giggled and waved and her triumphant.

Right on cue Gizmo began to conduct the band again as they played 'Here comes the bride' however it wasn't what Jack had planned out, instead on how things were going to his plan, he was head deep in a mud pit, Tallylu then threw his boots out the door and slammed it behind her.

Gizmo then stopped conducting the band, and turned to the mud pit, then a pig popped it's head out of the muddy pit, which then Jack sat up and pushed the pig away from him, Gizmo couldn't help but hold in his laughs at Jack, head to toe he was dripping in mud and his once neat hair was now all messy.

"So Mud Pie, how'd it go?" Gizmo finally laughed, that was until Jack grabbed him which caused Gizmo to choke a bit, and Jack stood up in the mud pit "I'll have Tallylu for my future wife!" Jack said with anger in his voice "make no mistake about that!" Jack then threw Gizmo into the mud pit and walked off, Gizmo sat in the mud pit, grumbling angerly once again and watched Jack walking off "Geez, touchy much!" Gizmo said to himself, which the pig beside him agreed with him with a grunt.

Jack stormed off trying to dry himself off, he vowed that someway or other, he will have Tallylu for his own, no matter what and no matter how long it woud take until she would agree to be his and his only.

Meanwhile, Tallylu then opened the door to take a peek "Is he gone?" she asked a chicken, once she figured the coast was clear, she grabbed a bucket full of chicken feed and headed to the side of the house, where there was a pen for the animals such as goats and chickens.

As she began to feed them, she just couldn't take it anymore "Can you imagine? He asked me to be his betrothal, me!? A future wife to that bumbling, borish, brainless...." she was clearly had enough of it all, and so Tallylu just began to see it now

Tallylu: Madame Jack Spicer,
Can't you just see it?

Madame Jack Spicer,
His little wife

No sir!
Not me!
I guarantee it

I want much more than this provincial life!

Tallylu then began to ran off from her house, away from everyone that thought of her and about her, and headed for a special place where she could be by herself and her thoughts, a hillside with a beautiful view of the mountains

Tallylu: I want adventure in the great wide somewhere,
I wan it more than I can tell

And for once it might be grand,
To have someone understand

I want so much more than they've got planned

Once Tallylu was done singing, she then sat on the grassy ground on her front, watching the wind blowing the dandelions, she than remembered that her mother told her and her sisters that when you blow into dandelions, they would grant a wish 'If only that were true' she thought to herself, but then she closed her eyes and smiled, as she thoughtfully made her wish and felt the wind blowing past her.

When suddenly, Tallylu began to hear screaming in the distance, the screaming became louder and closer, she turned around and saw Horton running her way "Horton?" she got up and greeted the elephant "Tallylu! I finally made it back!" Horton cheered to himself and used his trunk to hug Tallylu, which she accepted and hugged him back.

However she then noticed the cart, which had her father's invention on it, was still attached to Horton "Where's Dad?" she asked him, which Horton's expression changed to a guilt and sad look "Where is he Horton, what happened?" Tallylu began to feel worried, and held Horton's trunk, wanting to hear everything what happened.

Horton then took a deep breath in and began to tell everything what happened "Okay, well your father and I entered the forest, we took a dangerous looking path. Then my kin sense of hear picked up something in the woods. I got so scare that I accidentally left your father back in the woods! I wanted to go back, but I was just too scared and I ran away from the woods as quick as ever." Horton panted as he finished his story in one breath, Tallylu looked at him, taking all this in and began to really worry about her father more and more.

"We have to find him, Horton you have to take me to him" Tallylu said to him, as she unhooked the cart off of the elephant, which after Horton then turned to her and grabbed her shoulders "Whoa whoa! I'm not going back there, and even if you came with me it'll be too scary" Horton told her "Plus what would Sally say if you did?" he added, thinking what would her mother think "But Horton, if we don't something awful might have happen to him" Tallylu looked up at Horton.

Horton saw the look she gave him, her eyes were beading with tears that look like they would shed any moment, Horton then thought it over, and knew that Ned was his best friend and he would do the same for him, so he made up his mind and turned back to Tallylu "Alright I'll go!" he replied an answer, being brave and determine no matter what.

Tallylu hugged his trunk again and they were about to leave, that was until they spotted a familiar figure, it was Jojo, it turned out he left early to see if Tallylu was okay, and he heard every word from the too, there was a moment of silence from the three until Jojo said something "So you are going to find Dad, are ya?" he asked her, as if he knew her answer, Tallylu looked up at him and nodded.

Jojo walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder "Don't worry, I won't tell Mom" he said, and he gave her a hug, which Tallylu returned it, Horton smiled as the two shared a brother and sister moment "Bring him back home safely" Jojo said as he ended the hug "I will" she nodded to him and smiled.

Jojo then turned to Horton "Take care of her Horton" "Not to worry, I will!" he then stood at attention and saluted "An Elephant is faithful 100%!" he quoted his saying, which caused both Tallylu and Jojo to laugh a little.

Tallylu then ran back to the house, and grabbed her cape, she figured she might need it to where she was going, so she got outside and got on Horton's back and so they two were off and on their way "Good luck!" Jojo called out and waved to his sister "Thanks Jojo!" Tallylu waved back to him, Jojo continued to watch them until they were out of sight.

He walked back in the house and hoped and prayed that his father was alright, and nothing bad happened to him, and that Tallylu will find him and bring him home.

Later that night, they entered through the forest, Horton began to re-traced his steps and followed down the path, both Horton and Tallylu looked around, calling out to Ned, hoping they could find him, so far no luck whatsoever, that was until they came to a set of familiar gates.

"What is this place?" Tallylu asked as she looked up at the gates "I don't know?" Horton replied, but he got a unfunny feeling about this place somehow "Well Ned's not here, let's keep searching" Horton was about to leave "Hold on Horton" Tallylu then slide off Horton's back, and continued to stare up at the gates.

Then something caught Tallylu's eyes "What's that?" she pointed through the bars of the gates "What's what?" Horton turned to her "That!" Tallylu kept pointing at something, she then opened the gates and ran up to the object, it was a hat, a familiar hat, Tallylu then looked up "Dad...." she whispered as she held her father's hat in her hats.

She got up and stared at the huge castle in front of her, she had this shocked and amazed expression on her face as she stared up at the castle, Horton then walked up beside her and had the same expression as she did, one things for sure, Tallylu knew that her father was in that castle somewhere.

Tallylu then began to make her way up to the castle doors "Come on" she softly said to Horton, as she lead the way, Horton looked back at the castle for a bit and back at her "Okay" he replied to her remembering the promised he made, and followed behind her.

As they made their way to the castle doors, they didn't know what that castle had in store for them both...

To Be Continued...
Beauty and the WereGarurumon pt.4
Sorry for the long wait everyone, I just needed a break for a while until I got back doing this project, or before I would forget like I did with my other fanfics.

So anyways enjoy and no nude comments
Ned continued his way deep in the dark forest, he kept calling out to Horton, seeing if he could find him, but still no luck, it began to get colder, Ned then tried to warm his arms up by rubbing his hands to his arms but that didn't help.

All of a sudden, he heard laughter, Ned jerked around and above the hill he saw hyenas, staring down at him, laughing and some were even growling and snarling at him "Hyenas!" Ned then began to ran as fast as he could, and the hyenas started to chase after him, Ned kept running, he looked back a bit and he could hear them coming towards him.

Ned was about to take a step until he slipped and stumbled down a hill, he managed to get up to his knees, and when he got up he noticed a big gates in front of him, figuring if there were gate than someone had to live there, Ned turned back and saw the hyenas looking down at him and growled.

"Help! Is someone there?!" Ned ran to the gates, trying to get someone's attention and trying to open the gates, as the hyenas ran down the hill "Help!" Ned cried out again, until the gates swung open and he fell on the other side, the hyenas were catching up and were nearly there, but Ned managed to close the gates with his foot in time, that was until on of the hyenas grabbed his foot but Ned managed to pull his foot away before the hyena could have bitten him.

The hyenas only snarled at him just before they decided to leave and find something else to eat, Ned looked at them seeing they were gone, and when he turned around he gasped.

Right in front of him stood and huge castle, and to him it looked a bit dark and scary looking, sudden it began to rain, Ned decided to take shelter in the castle, and hoping that someone in the castle would help him and give him shelter from the rain.

Ned ran up to the castle's doors, he banged on the door a few times until it opened, Ned took a peek inside and found the castle was as huge on the inside.

He walked in, closing the door behind him, he looked around for a moment "Hello?" he called out, hoping someone lived here "Hello?" he called out again, hoping to hear a reply "Poor guy lost himself in the woods" Ned heard a voice somewhere near him "Keep quiet! Maybe he'll go away" another voice said "He won't go away with the two of you talking" the third voice said to the other voices "Is someone there?" Ned called out again, looking around for the voices.

And hiding somewhere, there happened to be a few animals, spying on him, one was a white and brown polar dog, another was a raven with what looked like brown hair on it's head, and the other was a yellow hare and it looked a bit feminine with brown hair on it's head as well, they continued to stare at their visit but the hare shifted her eyes to the polar dog "Not a word from you Sokka, not one word!" she whispered to the polar dog who was named Sokka.

"I don't mean to intrude, I lost my friend, he's an elephant, and I really need a place to stay for the night" Ned called out, hoping he would hear the voices again, which the three animals came out of hiding.

"Come on Courtney, have a heart?" Sokka turned to the hare "I mean it Sokka!" Courtney turned to him and covered his mouth with her hands "Courtney, I would think next time before you do that, in case you're forgetting what Sokka is?" the raven said to her with a bored sound in his voice, in which Sokka a bit smirked and licked Courtney's hands "Eww!" she let go of him and tried to wipe the slobber off "Told you" the raven smirked at her "And I don't see you helping me Noah!" Courtney glared at the raven named Noah.

So Sokka then walked up to Ned "You're welcome sir" he said to him "Who said that?" Ned turned around and saw no one behind him "Over here!" Sokka told him, but when Ned turned around he saw nothing "Where?" Ned asked again, Sokka rolled his eyes and used his paws to tap Ned's foot, Ned then looked down and he and Sokka were face to face "Hello" Sokka greeted him, Ned then yelped and accidentally kicked Sokka.

Ned slowly walked back to Sokka, who slowly got up groaning "I probably deserve that" Sokka groaned and stretched a bit "I don't believe it" Ned muttered to himself as he continued to stare at the talking polar dog in front of him.

"Now you've done it Sokka! Just great!" Courtney hopped over to him, which Sokka rolled his eyes "What will your sister say when she hears about- hey!" Courtney was then picked up by Ned "Unbelievable" Ned muttered again and began to examined her "Put me down! I said put me down!" Courtney tried to get out of Ned's grasps, as this was happening Sokka laughed at this and Noah just smirked "This has just made my day" he said as he lifted his wing to Sokka which they both high five.

Ned continued to examine Courtney, he turned her around and looked at her fluffy tail and pinched it "Hey! Do you mind!" Courtney slapped his hand "I'm sorry, it's just that you don't seem like an ordinary talking hare- Achoo!" Ned then sneezed on Courtney, h placed her down, which she frowned and turned to Noah who was still smirking, almost close to laughing "You're enjoying this, aren't you?" she glared at him "Yeah pretty much, I could get use to this" Noah replied to her and flew off.

Ned then grabbed his handkerchief and blow his nose, Sokka saw this and smiled up at him "You looked soaked to the bone, come warm yourself by the fire" Sokka began to show him into the other room with a fireplace "Thank you" Ned sniffed and began to follow him "No! No! No!" Courtney managed to dry herself and followed the two "You know what 'He' will do when he finds him here!" Courtney warned Sokka, who wasn't paying attention but instead stilled showed his hospitality to Ned.

Unknown to them, someone, or something was watching them on the upper floor, it then glared at the scene and began to leave the area and head to a new one.

"I demand you stop right there!" Courtney demanded, as she pulled on Ned's cloak, trying to stop him, however she tripped a bit, she looked up and gasped at what's happening next "Oh no! No no no! Not that chair!" Courtney saw Ned sitting in a familiar chair as Sokka offered it to him.

As Courtney got up, some other animals came in the room, one was another white and brown polar dog, the other was a winged lemur, and the other two were a badgermole and what looked like a humanoid koi fish "I heard we've got a visitor" the winged lemur flew over to Ned's shoulder which made Ned stare at him with amazement "Meet Aang" Sokka pointed to the winged lemur "Toph, Suki and my sister Katara" Sokka pointed to the other animals "Please to meet you" they four animals said and bowed to him "I hope Sokka didn't treat your stay badly so far" Katara walked up to him, and which Sokka frowned at his sister "No not at all" Ned nodded and patted the female polar dog.

"We've got a visitor!" a voice said, which everyone turned around and spotted a Patamon came flying in and landed in Ned's lap "I'm not seeing this!" Courtney covered her eyes and turned away "Calm down Courtney, and relax" Noah flew back down to her side.

"Well hello there" Ned smiled down "Hi Mister, I'm TK it's nice to meet you" the Patamon smiled up at him "Very nice to meet you too" Ned replied as he patted TK's head "Lift your feet up" Toph the badgermole told him, in which she placed a footstool under his legs "Here, you must be cold" Suki the humanoid koi fish then placed a blanket around him "Thank you, what service" Ned thanked them both, as he felt more warmer already.

Courtney looked at this scene, took a deep breath "I'm surprised you aren't worried" she turned to Noah "Hey, this is the only visitor we've got in a long time, course i'm not worried, you think he's worried in a castle with talking animals?" Noah raised his brow at her before joining the rest of the gang near Ned "Alright someone's gotta put an end!" Courtney said out loud and turned to the rest of the group "This as gone far enough! I'm in charge here!" Courtney was about to put an end.

That was until she was knocked over by a cart, which was being pushed by two unicorns, one was a male and he was gray and the other was a female and was a light blue color, they were Gru and Lucy "How about some tea, it'll warm you up even more" Lucy said to him with a smile, as she used her horn's magic to lift the teapot and pour the tea in a teacup "No tea! No tea Lucy!" Courtney got up again and hopped over to her.

After Ned took a sip from the teacup, he noticed a blue kitten with black hair staring at him "You look a bit funny" she giggled at him "Hello there" Ned chuckled at the kitten "Agnes, don't be rude" a green kitten with glasses popped out "I kinda agree with her, he does look funny" a pink kitten with a pink hat popped up as well "Girls, I want you to be nice to our guest" Gru gave the kittens a stern look "Sorry" the kittens apologized to Ned "Well hi I'm Margo, this is Edith and that's Agnes" Margo the green kitten introduced herself and her sisters to Ned.

Ned smiled and chuckled at these animals that welcomed him with hospitality, as Courtney tried to get him a to leave and she even tried doing it politely, then Ned spotted another unicorn walking in along with a centaurette, the unicorn had yellow coat color, and her main and tail were red and yellow and on her flank had a red and yellow sun, the centaurette had long orange hair color, her horse body was a very light purple color and she wore a white bra, and on her flank was a heart with a three pointed crown on it.

The two walked up to Ned and greeted him "How is your stay so far sir" the unicorn asked him, but she turned away a bit "It's alright Sunset, your getting good with your people skills" the centaurette said to her then turned back to Ned "I'm Alice, this is Sunset Shimmer" Alice introduced both of them to Ned "Might I ask what your name is?" Alice asked him, as everyone else turned to him and wondered as well "My name is Ned McDodd" he introduced himself to everyone "It's a pleasure to have you here" Alice smiled as she bowed.

"Hello!" a fox faced dragon appeared above Ned, which made him scream and sank into the chair "Sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you" the dragon held up his hands "Forgive...Ned was it" he asked him "Yes, and who are you" Ned slowly raised up "I'm Taiku" he grinned and held out his hand " in the Yang dragon Taiku?" Ned grinned and raised his brow to him "The one and only" Taiku replied back, and they both shook eachother's hands.

Taiku then chuckled "So you've got nothing to fear of me" Taiku told him as his hand returned to his side, when sudden the door burst opened and a strong guest of wind came into the room and managed to put out the fire, soon everyone began to huddle together and started shaking, Taiku however stood perfectly still and his eyes seemed to be a bit wide and his smile fade "But you will fear him" he managed to say and stepped back with the others and too Alice's hands "Uh-oh!" TK quietly muttered, as he hid behind Taiku for he knew what's come.

Ned stood in his chair, but was shaking in fear, then a shadow was cast upon the floor to the chair, which then stood at the door way was a Digimon, a wolf like Digimon standing on it's hind likes like a man, it was a WereGarurumon, what was interesting of his eyes were blue.

The WereGarurumon made it's way in the room and growled and snarled and walked up to the animals, Ned heard the growling and snarling and sank into the chair still shaking in fear.

"There's a stranger here" the WereGarurumon said with a growl in his voice and turned to the animals "Hey Matt, I can explain everything" Sokka walked up to the wolf Digimon "The man was lost in the woods, he was cold and wet, and-" Sokka tried to explain but the WereGarurumon howled at him, which Sokka than ran back to the others.

"Matt, may I have a moment to say something" Courtney hopped up to him "I was against this whole thing from the start! It was all Sokka's fault!" Courtney began to rant on, but the WereGarurumon glared at her as she continued "I tried to stop them all, but did they listen to me? No they did-" the WereGarurumon howled again, Courtney gasped and hopped back to the others.

Ned heard those howls, he wondered what was here in the room, so he turned to the sides of the chair until he was face to face with the WereGarurumon "Who are you? What are you doing here?" the WereGarurumon snarled at him, Ned got up from the chair "I was lost in the woods and-" Ned back up from the wolf Digimon "You're not welcome here!" the WereGarurumon growled at him "I-I'm sorry!" Ned stuttered and stared up at the WereGarurumon.

"What are you staring at?" the WereGarurumon looked down at the Who man "N-nothing!" Ned stuttered again "So, you've come to stare at the WereGarurumon have you!" Ned was about to run away but the WereGarurumon got to the door and blocked him "Please I mean no harm! I just needed a place to stay" Ned tried to reason and explained to the Digimon in front of him "I'll give you a place to stay!" the WereGarurumon once again growled and walked up to Ned.

The WereGarurumon then grabbed Ned and began to drag him away "No! No! Please! No! NO!" Ned cried out as he was being dragged away.

And with the slam to the door, the animals had watched the whole event, and stood still as their only guest was being dragged away by the wolf Digimon, they all looked down and felt a bit gulty for Ned.

Taiku however, he felt the same as the other, but he was thinking of something else, he then placed his hand to his head and shook it, giving a sigh, as if he was somehow ashamed by the WereGarurumon.

To Be Continued...
Beauty and the WereGarurumon pt.3
part 3 is here. Now I will tell you that some of the characters animals are based on some mentioned in the movies, or tv shows. And some I will mentioned are based on a deviant artists' drawings.

so enjoy.


kaitlin bishop
Well it's Christmas everyone, and I wanted to give a shout out to everyone. Everyone getting together with friends and family and enjoying this special holiday. I know that my family and I are getting together, and watching a few Christmas movies, and one of them being the ever popular movie with Bill Murrey Scrooged. So I hope everyone has great plans of their own. 

Have a Merry Christmas everyone! And a Happy New Year!

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